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29 10 2019 | 13:40

Biological material boosts solar cell performance.

Next-generation solar cells that mimic photosynthesis with biological material may give new meaning to the term "green technology." Adding the protein bacteriorhodopsin (bR) to perovskite solar cells…

29 10 2019 | 13:15

Do I detect a hint of sunlight? Australia’s wineries harvest solar energy.

Electricity is the single biggest cost incurred in the winemaking process. Looking to save on bills, and save the environment, wineries across Australia are rapidly up-taking solar PV. “Fill a glass…

19 10 2019 | 10:34

Gulf sets a new global benchmark for solar energy production.

The submission of two tariffs below $1.8 cents a kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the fifth phase of Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR) renewable energy park marks the latest world record to be set by the Gulf…

14 10 2019 | 10:05

UN fund gets behind plan to unlock finance for South African renewables.

UN money will help South African PV players underpin project revenues without the need to resort to the government, after a year when Eskom’s woes have cast doubts on the state-offtaker route. The…

14 10 2019 | 09:45

National Renewable Energy Lab Studies Plants In Twin Falls Solar Field.

Over a dozen rows of blue solar panels stand in a grassy lot. This is the new solar field opened by Clif Bar. The panels will produce about a third of the energy needs for the company’s manufacturing…

08 10 2019 | 08:34

Some $71 bln of Japanese coal assets at risk from cheaper renewables.

As much as $71 billion of Japanese coal assets could be at risk as the economic viability of plants is undermined by cheaper renewable energy, research by the University of Tokyo, Carbon Tracker and…

01 10 2019 | 10:36

Can solar power shake up the energy market?

The classical Greek philosopher Socrates believed the ideal house should be warm in winter and cool in summer. With clarity of thought like that, it's easy to see how the great man got his reputation…

01 10 2019 | 09:59

IKEA is investing $2.8 billion in renewable energy infrastructure.

The world’s largest furniture company is determined to go off-grid, and it’s developing an affordable solar energy program to convince you to do the same. Timed for the UN Climate Action Summit in…

19 09 2019 | 08:29

Goldman Sachs’ renewable company scores US$4 billion for clean energy projects.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has reached the final close on capital commitments to Goldman Sachs Renewable Power, a private company that invests in renewable energy assets. In total, Goldman Sachs…

16 09 2019 | 09:38

Flexible solar cells a step closer to reality.

Solar cells that use mixtures of organic molecules to absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity, that can be applied to curved surfaces such as the body of a car, could be a step closer thanks to…

16 09 2019 | 09:16

What Drove Solar PV Price Reductions?

A new book explores the precipitous decline. One of the most remarkable trends in energy economics over the last 50 years is the tremendous reduction in solar photovoltaic (PV) prices. The figure…

16 09 2019 | 09:05

Since cooling demand is primarily driven by the sun, could it also be powered by the sun?

The study is a collaborative effort of an international team of solar energy experts from Aalto University of Finland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for…

15 09 2019 | 13:33

Scaling Up The Production Of Highly Efficient Solar Modules.

The European Union has awarded 10.6 million euro in funding to HIPERION. This grant will aid in establishing a pilot assembly line to bring breakthrough photovoltaic technology, designed by Swiss…

10 09 2019 | 07:43

Agrivoltaics Proves Mutually Beneficial Across Food, Water, Energy Nexus.

A paper published in Nature Sustainability presents the first field-data assessment of outcomes of a multi-year study of agrivoltaics in dryland regions led by UA geographer Greg Barron-Gafford.

04 09 2019 | 07:24

Can solar panels handle the heat of a warming world?

Solar cells need sunlight to generate electricity, but with rays also comes heat. As the planet gets warmer, scientists are warning that temperatures could become too high for solar panels to perform…

03 09 2019 | 10:10

Spaceport cornwall to open by 2021 & will incorporate 2 pv sites to provide extra power.

Cornwall and Virgin Orbit are committing to a partnership seeking to deliver a horizontal launch Spaceport at Cornwall Airport Newquay, UK, by 2021, creating a satellite technology cluster of…

28 08 2019 | 11:03

From hydrocarbons to green hydrogen: Are the Gulf petrostates embarking on a new energy course?

On track? The United Arab Emirates have announced ambitious plans for cutting emissions and boosting renewable energy by 2050.

23 08 2019 | 07:57

Renewable news from East Africa.

Regulator approves Kenya’s first green bond Kenyan investors will soon begin trading in green bonds. CMA chief executive Paul Muthaura

20 08 2019 | 09:45

Hanergy sets new efficiency record for heterojunction module.

Chinese thin film producer Hanergy has set a new record of 24.85% module efficiency for silicon heterojunction technology. The record was achieved at the company’s research & development center…

19 08 2019 | 09:00

Company plans to build $7.5 billion 'smart mini-city' in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) – An extremely ambitious $7.5 billion real estate project was announced July 31 and is already scheduled to break ground in December 2019.