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29 10 2019 | 12:58

The lost river.

Mexicans fight for mighty waterway taken by the US. The Colorado River serves over 35 million Americans before reaching Mexico – but it is dammed at the border, leaving locals on the other side with…

01 10 2019 | 10:33

Plastic Pollution Continues in Lake Malawi Despite Ban.

MANGOCHI, MALAWI - Plastic bags continue to pollute Lake Malawi, despite a government ban on their use. Conservationists say the plastic is a threat to about 1,000 fish species found in the Africa's…

01 10 2019 | 10:28

Zimbabwe's water woes worsen as capital shuts down treatment plant.

Harare (CNN)Authorities in Zimbawe are scrambling to meet the water needs of the country's capital Harare after the city's main water treatment plant was shut down on Monday, leaving 1 million people…

27 09 2019 | 10:57

Is There a Link Between Renewable Energy and Clean Water?

Stories about lead poisoning in the first world and water rights sold for a pittance to corporations are commonplace. As a result of that, more eyes than ever are trained on the earth’s water and…

15 09 2019 | 15:07

Register your innovative project in the Greening the Islands AWARDS 2019.

Apply your innovative project for islands in the Greening the Islands AWARDS 2019   Admission is free!

05 09 2019 | 07:56

Outrage as Nestlé Plan to take 1.1m gallons of water a day from natural springs.

Food and drink giant Nestlé, have come under fire for planning to take over 1.1 million gallons of water from an “in recovery” natural springs. Ginnie Springs in Florida has been chosen as the new…

28 08 2019 | 10:40

New WHO report calls for more research into microplastics to determine health risks.

The World Health Organisation has realised a report on Microplastics in drinking-water which raises concerns about they have on human health. The World Health Organisation has realised a report on…

23 08 2019 | 08:14

Coca-Cola announces largest ever sustainable initiative for water brand.

Coca-Cola has announced a new sustainable packaging scheme to show the company’s commitment to a circular economy. The number one mainstream water brand in the US, owned by Coca Cola, has unveiled…

13 08 2019 | 09:04

Understanding the water-energy-food nexus in a warming climate.

All of nature is infinitely connected. It is therefore no surprise that there are strong interdependencies between the resources that the land surface provides.

12 08 2019 | 10:23

4th EWaS on “Valuing the Water, Carbon, Ecological Footprints of Human Activities"

Special Session title: Novel technologies, materials and methods for water purification and desalination Special Session Chairs: Prof. Theodoros Karakasidis, Lab. of Hydromechanics and Environmental…

09 08 2019 | 08:33

Hydro and geothermal to dominate Indonesia’s renewable energy mix until 2028.

The Acting Director of PT PLN (Persero), Djoko R. Abumanan, said that the potential of renewable energy generation is spread throughout Indonesia, especially from hydropower and geothermal energy. “…

08 08 2019 | 07:28

17 Countries, Home to One-Quarter of the World's Population, Face Extremely High Water Stress.

Once-unthinkable water crises are becoming commonplace.

16 07 2019 | 12:21

Jeans go from blue to green.

The new wave of sustainable jeans is here.T Denim producers, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers allow transparency – fashions latest buzz – by inviting potential customers into their factory to present to…

15 07 2019 | 08:02

A UAE businessman wants to drag an iceberg to South Africa.

Emirati businessman, Abdulla Alshehi, wants to tow an iceberg from Antarctica to the Arabian Gulf to supply the United Arab Emirates with drinkable water. However, he plans to trial a test case of…

11 07 2019 | 11:57

Water and green energy produced by a single device.

Researchers have found a way to purify water and produce electricity from a single device powered by sunlight. The scientists adapted a solar panel that not only generated power, but used some of…

15 06 2019 | 10:10

Ever Wondered Why We Can’t Harness Energy From Sea Waves? Here’s The Answer.

Hello there, we are sure that you have been wondering about ways to harness power from natural sources. Well, sources that do not pollute the planet and are renewable. Why are we talking about…

13 06 2019 | 09:09

Boreal Light expands further with new water desalination systems in Kenya and Yemen

Boreal Light has completed the installation of a water desalination system to Yemen as well as the furthering growth of its WaterKiosk Project in Africa. The Boreal team recently completed the…

11 06 2019 | 10:45

Construction of US $34m Sidi Ifni desalination plant in Morocco to begin

The Moroccan authorities has announced that construction of Sidi Ifni desalination plant is set to begin following German development agency, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)granting US $34m loan…

10 06 2019 | 14:01

Kenyan Villagers Use 'Digital Wells' to Cope with Record Drought.

NAKURU, KENYA — Kenya is facing one of the worst stretches of drought in years, causing underdevelopment, fights over water, and fears of starvation. However, a village in western Kenya is using a…