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15 07 2019 | 11:41

A World Without Ice.

Dahr Jamail on his book "The End Of Ice" and the significance of the many studies showing glaciers and sea ice around the world are melting at an unprecedented speed.  

08 07 2019 | 07:47

The changing landscape of the Antarctic – in pictures

The changing landscape of the Antarctic – in pictures

08 07 2019 | 07:45

‘Precipitous’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed.

The vast expanse of sea ice around Antarctica has suffered a “precipitous” fall since 2014, satellite data shows, and fell at a faster rate than seen in the Arctic. EURACTIV’s media partner, The…

26 04 2019 | 10:46

Antarctica: Thousands of emperor penguin chicks wiped out.

Thousands of emperor penguin chicks drowned when the sea-ice on which they were being raised was destroyed in severe weather. The catastrophe occurred in 2016 in Antarctica's Weddell Sea.…

17 04 2019 | 19:04

Using conventional modules at 40 degrees below zero.

A 65 kW installation relying on 250 monocrystalline panels of 250 W each is providing energy at the Zucchelli Station, Italy’s permanent Antarctic base on Terra Nova Bay. Resilient solar panels will…

04 03 2019 | 17:50

New iceberg twice the size of New York won’t be ‘massive’ by Antarctic standards.

A 660-square-kilometre iceberg roughly twice the size of New York City is about to break away from the Brunt ice shelf in Antarctica, risking further instability in a region that is expected to add…

05 02 2019 | 16:02

Global warming predicted to melt massive Himalayan glaciers, disrupt food production

Antarctica and Greenland aren't the Earth's only frozen places threatened by human-caused climate change: The Himalayas are also at risk, scientists announced Monday. In fact, a whopping two-thirds…

01 02 2019 | 13:07

“Missing –14 Billion Tons of Antarctica’s Ice”

  NASA found a giant underground cavern two-thirds the area of Manhattan and almost 1,000 feet (300 meters) tall – growing at the bottom of Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica –one of several…

18 01 2019 | 14:46

These Eye-Opening Memes Show the Real 10-Year Challenge

Before-and-after photos of your friends have probably taken over your Facebook and Instagram feeds, but environmentalists are using the #10YearChallenge to insert a dose of truth.

15 01 2019 | 12:19

Antarctic ice shelf makes ghostly sounds as winds whip across its surface.

The barren and desolate Antarctic is an intimidating sight to behold. But as if that wasn’t enough, scientists found that when the wind blows across its surface, the ice shelf hums eerie soundscapes…

15 01 2019 | 09:34

Antarctica ice loss increases six fold since 1979, new study finds

Global warming is melting ice in Antarctica faster than ever before - about six times more per year now than 40 years ago - leading to increasingly high sea levels worldwide, scientists have warned…