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19 12 2023 | 19:12

Cop28 has finally named fossil fuels as the climate problem. But do leaders have the will to act?

From the start, Cop28 appeared beyond the reach of satire. About 100,000 politicians, diplomats, lobbyists, business people, investors, activists, scientists, policy wonks and journalists from across…

08 12 2023 | 19:44

Australia ends finance for fossil fuel expansion overseas – now focus turns to local subsidies

Albanese government announces at Cop28 it will phase out offshore support for coal, oil and gas within a year

05 12 2023 | 19:58

Australia urged not to rely on ‘drug dealer’s defence’ for gas exports and help wean Japan off fossil fuels

The Albanese government should do more to leverage its relationship with Japan – arguably the world’s most important energy partnership – to help its trading partner move away from gas and towards a…

17 11 2023 | 14:39

From China’s emissions to Australia’s offshore windfarms, things are moving on climate – some even in the right direction

If you’re searching for some hope on the climate crisis before the Cop28 UN meeting in Dubai this month, try this: China may be changing direction on pollution earlier than expected.

15 11 2023 | 13:53

Small modular nuclear reactor that was hailed by Coalition as future cancelled due to rising costs

Opposition climate and energy spokesperson had pointed to SMRs as a solution to Australia’s energy needs, but experts raise questions over price tag The only company to have a small modular nuclear…

23 10 2023 | 16:47

Global heat is now ‘gobsmackingly bananas’, but there’s hope humanity can limit the climate damage

It’s hard to overstate just how exceptionally high global temperatures are now, but we have the technology to avert disaster “Absolutely gobsmackingly bananas” is not standard scientific language,…

15 09 2023 | 15:19

Approving new coalmines while pledging climate action is an untenable position – and the Albanese government knows it

Being serious about limiting global heating to 1.5C doesn’t just mean investing in green energy, it means ensuring there are as few new mines as possible Fifteen months into the life of the Albanese…

16 08 2023 | 14:16

We are watching the brutal reality of what climate scientists told us would happen. How will we respond?

How to respond to the avalanche of record-breaking extreme weather and temperatures terrorising the planet? For many scientists it is a moment of genuine despair, but also a time to resist climate…

29 07 2023 | 08:40

From the oceans to ‘net zero’ targets, we’re in denial about the climate crisis

We’re all in denial, in one way or another. Maybe it’s the only way to get by. But we can’t avoid the evidence, collectively, in the long run. On key measures, temperatures across the planet this…

19 07 2023 | 13:41

No time to waste’: getting Australian homes off gas crucial for meeting net zero targets, report says

Getting households off gas for heating and cooking would cut energy bills and improve people’s health, and is necessary for Australia to have any hope of reaching net zero greenhouse emissions by…

10 02 2023 | 09:01

Fossil fuel companies won’t save us from climate change. We need governments to step up

The fallout when the industry fails to act is still smaller than the rewards for pumping out more pollution