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01 07 2024 | 10:36

Obama's sister teargassed as she shows solidarity with Kenyan youths

Auma Obama, sister to former US president Barack Obama teargassed during Kenyan protest Kenyan youths protesting against new tax proposal, sparking widespread resentment Government set to discuss…

17 06 2024 | 06:31

Russia and Guinea to begin construction of floating nuclear power plants

Russia and The Republic of Guinea signed a memorandum to collaborate on a nuclear project The project involves the construction of floating nuclear power plants in Guinea Tanzania, Nigeria, and…

08 06 2024 | 05:50

Ghana grants license for lithium exploration to Australian company

Atlantic Lithium Limited has been granted a license for lithium exploration in Ghana The exploration will take place at Senya Beraku, 70 kilometers from the company's flagship Ewoyaa project…

18 05 2024 | 22:55

Italian oil company intends to harness Kenyan waste materials

An Italian firm is looking to harness Kenya’s biogas. The company intends to establish a biogas facility that will use trash dumps from five large landfills across the country to generate energy for…