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30 01 2024 | 06:06

Goodbye Mr Kerry, farewell Mr Xie: end of an era in global climate politics

As the US and China climate envoys retire, more than a leadership gap opens in crucial bilateral relationship and climate politics

19 12 2023 | 18:59

‘The future is renewable’: How a huge gamble sealed Cop28 deal

Not long before the crucial final meeting of Cop28 climate summit, a seemingly chance meeting took place in the heavily guarded VIP lounge next to the main conference hall in Dubai. John Kerry, the…

12 12 2023 | 23:17

Cop28: ‘failure is not an option,’ says summit president

Sultan Al Jaber, president of Cop28, made a last-ditch call for all countries to come together this afternoon in Dubai, to find common ground amid deep disagreements over the future of climate action.

01 12 2023 | 16:49

World stands on frontline of disaster at Cop28, says UN climate chief

Exclusive: Simon Stiell says leaders must ‘stop dawdling’ and act before crucial summit in Dubai World leaders must “stop dawdling and start doing” on carbon emission cuts, as rapidly rising…

01 12 2023 | 14:38

Who’s who at Cop28: the leaders with the world’s future in their hands

From fossil fuel chiefs to an outspoken UN secretary general, a look at who will attend the UAE’s climate summit

01 12 2023 | 13:44

Carbon offsetting, Kyoto protocol and NDCs: a Cop28 jargonbuster

As global leaders ready for the climate meeting in the UAE, here are some of the most common terms and what they mean

01 12 2023 | 13:30

What is Cop28 and why does it matter?

What is Cop28? For almost three decades, world governments have met nearly every year to forge a global response to the climate emergency. Under the 1992 UN framework convention on climate change (…

24 11 2023 | 17:02

Who are the polluter elite and how can we tackle carbon inequality?

Who are the polluter elite and why do they matter? The richest 1% of people are responsible for as much carbon output as the poorest 66%, research from Oxfam shows. Luxury lifestyles including…

24 11 2023 | 15:55

Ban private jets to address climate crisis, says Thomas Piketty

Questions of social and economic class must be at the centre of our response to the climate crisis, to address the huge inequalities between the carbon footprints of the rich and poor and prevent a…

17 11 2023 | 15:05

Allowing Cumbria coalmine was ‘disaster’ for climate diplomacy, says Lord Turner

Former chair of climate change committee says UK’s decision has encouraged other countries to keep exploiting fossil fuels The UK’s decision to open a new coalmine in Cumbria was a “disaster” that…

17 11 2023 | 12:37

Rich countries hit $100bn climate finance goal two years late, data shows

Annual funding promise made in 2009 to help poor countries deal with climate crisis had original 2020 target The totemic promise by rich countries to provide $100bn (£80bn) a year to the poor world…

15 11 2023 | 14:13

Oil and gas ‘not the problem’ for climate, says UK’s net zero minister

Campaigners call Graham Stuart’s comments ‘laughable’ and say Conservatives are weaponising climate action Oil and gas are “not the problem” for the climate, but the carbon emissions arising from…

15 11 2023 | 13:25

Emmanuel Macron pledges €1bn to fund research into melting ice caps

The French president has called for action at a climate summit in Paris attended by heads of state and scientists before Cop28 France will spend €1bn (£880m) on polar research between now and 2030,…

18 10 2023 | 15:54

Sunak’s U-turns make net zero harder and keep bills high, watchdog warns

Climate Change Committee also says rowing back on climate policies has harmed investment into UK Rishi Sunak’s reversals on key climate policies have damaged the UK’s ability to meet its carbon-…

16 10 2023 | 20:47

‘The worst kind of culture war’: Tories attack Rishi Sunak’s reversal on net zero

The prime minister’s attempts to turn the climate emergency into a US-style wedge issue have dismayed veteran MPs who champion green policies

16 10 2023 | 20:30

Labour to stand firm on net zero policies and attack cost of Tory retreat

Party will argue green growth is route to lower bills and says Rishi Sunak will leave UK stuck in economic ‘doom loop’ Labour will “double down” on making the case that tackling the cost of living…