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27 12 2022 | 09:33

WCEF2022: The call for the convening of the African Circular Economy Forum

The sixth World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2022) has just concluded in the Rwandan capital.

27 12 2022 | 09:18

On the road to WCEF2022: Challenges and opportunities of a circular economy in Africa

This is it! The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2022) opens on 6 December 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda.

27 12 2022 | 09:05

MALI: €54 million from the ADF for climate change resilience in rural areas

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is approving US$ 53.75 million in funding for Mali. The funds are intended to finance a project aimed at strengthening climate resilience in rural areas of Mali…

27 12 2022 | 08:57

MOZAMBIQUE: Government Seeks Consultant for Electricity Storage

With the support of the African Development Bank (AfDB), the government of Mozambique is seeking a consultant for the studies of a battery electricity storage project and a pumped-storage…

27 12 2022 | 08:38

TOGO: €4m from ADF and Sefa to prepare the deployment of solar mini-grids

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is providing €3.73 million in financing to Togo. The funding will enable the Togolese government to prepare the implementation of a project to electrify 317…

27 12 2022 | 08:35

AFRICA: NDF injects €10m into the Urban and Municipal Development Fund

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has announced a €10 million investment in the Urban and Municipal Development Fund (UMDF). This financing mechanism of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group…

02 12 2022 | 18:54

EGYPT: Acwa mobilises investors for Gabal el Zeit 1.1 GW wind farm

Saudi Arabian independent power producer (IPP) Acwa Power is continuing the development of its 1.1 GW wind project in Gabal el Zeit, in the Gulf of Suez. Its capital is now open to several investors…

02 12 2022 | 18:52

MOZAMBIQUE: US$125 Million to Upgrade Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric Plant

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has approved a US$ 125 million loan for the modernisation of the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric scheme in Mozambique. Its power plant…

02 12 2022 | 18:33

UGANDA: BGFA to grant $5m for d.light and Engie solar kits

As part of its activities in Uganda, the Beyond the Grid for Africa (BGFA) programme is selecting two companies to receive a grant for the installation of solar home systems. The grant, awarded…

02 12 2022 | 14:01

AFRICA: SEFA secures $64m funding for renewable energy

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has received a pledge of $64 million to support the deployment of renewable energy in Africa.

02 12 2022 | 13:59

MOZAMBIQUE: Notice of Prequalification for Two 60 MWac Solar PV Plants

The government of Mozambique is launching a notice of pre-qualification of independent power producers (IPPs) for the development of two solar projects.

02 12 2022 | 13:57

MALI: IDA lends $30m for climate resilience in drylands

The World Bank is approving a $30 million loan to Mali. The funding is intended to support Mali's efforts to build climate resilience for farmers living in semi-arid areas. The $30 million loan…

02 12 2022 | 13:50

KENYA: $472 million emergency appeal to combat drought

The United Nations (UN) is joining with the Kenyan government and other international organisations to launch an appeal for $472.6 million to help more than 6 million people affected by drought in…

13 11 2022 | 13:30

EGYPT: Africa’s first green hydrogen plant goes live in Ain Sokhna

As decision-makers from around the world gather in Charm El Sheikh for the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), a consortium of companies is commissioning Africa's first green…

13 11 2022 | 13:16

Climate emergency in Africa: time for adaptation solutions

As decision-makers from around the world gather in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), climate change is affecting the African continent, from…

13 11 2022 | 13:14

AFRICA: Air pollution is the second highest risk factor for death

A new report highlights the impact of increasing levels of fine particle pollution in Africa. The report on "The State of Air Quality and its Health Effects in Africa" was recently published by the…

13 11 2022 | 10:28

AFRICA: Countries should allocate 1.4% of GDP per year to climate action

In a new report, the World Bank recommends that developing countries allocate 1.4% of gross domestic product (GDP) to climate action. This funding, mobilised each year, is intended to compensate for…

13 11 2022 | 10:14

Drinking water, solar energy, biogas…the innovation of the SUEZ UCD Smart Village

In the face of climate change and the need for development, it is now imperative to find solutions likely to improve the living conditions of populations in rural areas of Africa. The UCD® Smart…

21 10 2022 | 11:49

AFRICA: “Dream” program for solar irrigation

The Ethiopian government recently participated in the launch of the "Dream" program (Distributed Renewable Energy-Agriculture Modalities). This multi-stakeholder initiative aims at the large-scale…

21 10 2022 | 11:30

UGANDA: Equatorial and GIZ team up to solarize 27 rural clinics

In Uganda, electricity provider Equatorial Power is teaming up with the German International Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ) to provide solar energy to at least 27 health centers in rural areas…