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08 11 2021 | 15:27

Cop26 week one: the impression of progress – but not nearly enough

Analysis: the ‘significant outcomes’ came thick and fast but there are question marks about credibility Long before delegates gathered in Glasgow, the scene for Cop26 was set by the starkest warning…

02 09 2021 | 08:46

Up to half of world’s wild tree species could be at risk of extinction

Global study calls for urgent action to prevent ecosystem collapse, with farming the biggest cause of die-off Between a third and half of the world’s wild tree species are threatened with extinction…

26 08 2021 | 08:06

Humans ‘pushing Earth close to tipping point’, say most in G20

Global survey finds 74% also want climate crises and protecting nature prioritised over jobs and profit Three-quarters of people in the world’s wealthiest nations believe humanity is pushing the…

26 07 2021 | 12:20

Climate scientists shocked by scale of floods in Germany

Deluge raises fears human-caused disruption is making extreme weather even worse than predicted. The intensity and scale of the floods in Germany this week have shocked climate scientists, who did…

26 07 2021 | 11:53

Beware summer! As climate crisis deepens, attitudes to season shift

Season now has a health warning and people may lose associations of joy, relaxation and celebration Jonathan Watts @jonathanwatts Sat 24 Jul 2021 08.00 BST  

12 07 2021 | 13:29

World ‘must step up preparations for extreme heat’

Rising temperatures may be hitting faster and harder than forecast, say climate scientists in wake of heatwave in US and Canada The world needs to step up preparations for extreme heat, which may be…

05 06 2021 | 12:03

Johan Rockström: ‘We need bankers as well as activists… we have 10 years to cut emissions by half’

The eminent Earth scientist argues that we cannot just wait for the world order to change when it comes to tackling the climate crisis – we all have a duty to act now

13 04 2021 | 12:22

‘Negotiating with your worst enemy’: Biden in risky talks to pay Brazil to save Amazon.

Activists fear billion-dollar climate deal will bolster Bolsonaro and reward illegal forest clearance – but US says action can’t wait The US is negotiating a multi-billion dollar climate deal with…

12 03 2021 | 09:10

Climatologist Michael E Mann: 'Good people fall victim to doomism. I do too sometimes'.

The author and eminent climate scientist on the deniers’ new tactics and why positive change feels closer than it has done in 20 years.

01 01 2021 | 11:41

Could Covid lockdown have helped save the planet?

Slowdown of human activity was too short to reverse years of destruction, but we saw a glimpse of post-fossil fuel world When lockdown began, climate scientists were horrified at the unfolding…

19 11 2020 | 08:55

Five post-Trump obstacles to a global green recovery.

Joe Biden’s win gives the globe a better chance of averting climate catastrophe, but major obstacles remain Environmentalists have been heartened by Joe Biden’s victory as, if the US rejoins the…

19 07 2020 | 08:24

James Lovelock: 'The biosphere and I are both in the last 1% of our lives'

On the eve of his 101st birthday, the father of the Gaia theory discusses Covid-19, extreme weather… and freezing hamsters  

28 05 2020 | 11:57

'The human fingerprint is everywhere': Met Office's alarming warning on climate.

Exclusively compiled data from the Hadley Centre’s supercomputer shows alarming climate trajectory. The human fingerprint on the climate is now unmistakable and will become increasingly evident over…

07 05 2020 | 07:17

One billion people will live in insufferable heat within 50 years – study.

Human cost of climate crisis will hit harder and sooner than previously believed, research reveals. The human cost of the climate crisis will hit harder, wider and sooner than previously believed,…

08 04 2020 | 11:03

North Atlantic's capacity to absorb CO2 overestimated, study suggests.

Research into ocean’s plankton likely to lead to negative revision of global climate calculations The North Atlantic may be a weaker climate ally than previously believed, according to a study that…

29 03 2020 | 14:45

Global efforts on ozone help reverse southern jet stream damage.

Jet stream appears to have stopped moving south and may be moving back towards normal. International cooperation on ozone-depleting chemicals is helping to return the southern jet stream to a normal…

23 02 2020 | 11:26

Oil and gas firms 'have had far worse climate impact than thought'.

Study indicates human fossil methane emissions have been underestimated by up to 40%. The oil and gas industry has had a far worse impact on the climate than previously believed, according to a…

14 02 2020 | 06:04

Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record

Scientists describe 20.75C logged at Seymour Islan

20 11 2019 | 05:05

Amazon deforestation 'at highest level in a decade'.

Almost 10,000 sq kms lost in year to August, according to Brazilian government data. Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon has hit the highest annual level in a decade, according to new government…

07 08 2019 | 05:46

Record heatwave 'made much more likely' by human impact on climate.

Scientists say July at least equalled and may have beaten hottest month on record. The record-breaking heatwave that roasted Europe last month was a one-in-a-thousand-year event made up to 100 times…