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21 05 2022 | 07:51

EU announces 'full switch' of existing grey hydrogen production to green H2, backed by carbon contracts

The European Commission (EC) will roll out carbon contracts for difference (CCfD) subsidies (see panel below) for green hydrogen using cash from its Innovation Fund “to support a full switch of the…

21 05 2022 | 07:08

EU plan to import vast amounts of green hydrogen from North Africa 'makes little sense': study

EU plans to import millions of tonnes of green hydrogen from North Africa make “little sense” due to high costs and counter-productive climate impacts, according to a new study commissioned by a…

21 05 2022 | 07:03

'White elephants' | Green hydrogen will be cheaper than blue H2 in all parts of world by 2030, says BNEF

An expected tenfold reduction in the cost of hydrogen electrolysers coupled with ever-cheaper renewable energy will mean that green H2 will be cheaper to produce than gas-powered blue worldwide by…

18 01 2022 | 13:15

Why multi-million-dollar blue hydrogen investments might quickly end up as stranded assets

There will be multiple downsides to producing ‘clean H2’ from natural gas with CCS, not least because green hydrogen is likely to soon be cheaper, says Irena report Investments in blue hydrogen —…

18 01 2022 | 13:06

‘Crazy, wasteful greenwash’: Japan to spend $242m on mixing hydrogen-derived ammonia with coal at power plants

Japanese power generator JERA will contribute a further $150m to the two demonstration projects, which have been labelled as 'nuts' by one hydrogen expert The Japanese government is to spend ¥27.…

15 05 2021 | 12:50

Gigawatt-scale compressed air: World’s largest non-hydro energy-storage projects announced.

The two 500MW/5GWh 'advanced' compressed-air projects in California would each be bigger than the current record holder. A Canadian company has today announced that it is developing two 500MW/5GWh ‘…