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22 12 2023 | 02:46

Countries go ahead with carbon deals despite Cop28 standoff

Carbon credit certifiers from the much-criticized voluntary market could be the big winners of a failure to strike a deal on the exchange of offsets between countries at Cop28, experts told Climate…

22 12 2023 | 02:37

Carbon credits talks collapse at Cop28 over integrity concerns

Hopes of clinching a deal on carbon trading mechanisms evaporated under the desert sun in Dubai after a tussle between the European Union and the United States.  Countries failed to agree on key…

22 12 2023 | 02:31

Countries pledge over $400m to set up loss and damage fund

Governments have collectively pledged more than $400 million to establish a loss and damage fund for the victims of climate disaster. On day one of UN climate talks in Dubai, negotiators rubber-…

22 12 2023 | 02:11

Meet the Italian fugitive advising Emirati start-up Blue Carbon

Living on a floating island off the Gulf, Samuele Landi advises a little-known company with big plans to shake up the carbon offsetting market. Blue Carbon plans to take over forested areas the size…

22 12 2023 | 02:04

Rich countries ‘likely’ to have hit $100bn climate finance goal in 2022: OECD

Rich countries “look likely” to have met a long-overdue goal to provide $100 billion a year in climate finance to vulnerable countries in 2022, two years later than promised. 

22 12 2023 | 02:02

Green Climate Fund ambition at risk after ‘disappointing’ pledges

The UN’s flagship climate fund has raised $9.3 billion from rich governments to help developing nations go green and protect people from the impacts of climate change – less than in its last…

22 12 2023 | 02:00

UN climate fund suspends project in Nicaragua over human rights concerns

The UN’s flagship climate fund has suspended payments to a $117 million forest protection project in the Central American nation of Nicaragua over human rights concerns, the first such decision since…

22 12 2023 | 01:53

Developing nations decry risk of UK breaking climate finance pledge

The United Kingdom’s reported plan to break its flagship international climate finance pledge is “disappointing” and undermines trust, climate negotiators from developing countries told Climate Home…

22 12 2023 | 01:51

Germany plans to keep funding new gas projects overseas despite pledge

Germany plans to support new gas projects overseas until 2025 in a potential breach of its commitment to end international fossil fuel financing.  The government’s export credit agency has released…

22 12 2023 | 01:49

Cop28 boss slams rich nations “dismal” $100bn finance failure

The president of the Cop28 climate talks has blamed rich nations’ “dismal” failure to provide $100 billion a year in climate finance to developing countries for “holding up” progress in negotiations…

22 12 2023 | 01:46

Public banks agree to check investments against countries’ climate plans

A group of leading global development banks has agreed on long-awaited principles to align new financing with national and international climate goals.

12 03 2023 | 17:58

High Seas Treaty exempts deep-sea mining from stricter environmental rules

Despite the setback campaigners hope countries will be emboldened to protect marine ecosystems as they negotiate seabed mining rules Deep-sea mining will be exempted from environmental impact…

12 03 2023 | 16:51

Corporations push “insetting” as new offsetting but report claims it is even worse

More companies claim that supply-chain carbon removal is the way forward. But a new report raises concern over the credibility and transparency of insetting. For Nestlé, planting millions of trees…