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18 12 2023 | 04:54

Ευρωπαϊκή συμφωνία για τον πρώτο νόμο αντιμετώπισης των εκπομπών μεθανίου

Η ΕΕ κατέληξε τελικά σε άτυπη συμφωνία σχετικά με τον πρώτο νόμο της για την αντιμετώπιση των εκπομπών μεθανίου στον ενεργειακό τομέα, ύστερα από ολονύχτιες διαπραγματεύσεις στις Βρυξέλλες.…

21 08 2023 | 17:43

Buildings directive: German NGOs pressure Berlin to back obligatory renovations

German civil society has asked Berlin to back a controversial European Commission proposal to make renovating worst-performing buildings obligatory before buildings directive negotiations continue…

06 08 2023 | 07:59

What’s the EU’s 2040 climate target?

  All eyes are on Brussels where the European Commission is hard at work deciding the EU’s 2040 climate target, where the executive must balance demands for restraint by leaders with calls for extra…

28 06 2023 | 11:56

Education for a sustainable future – Empowering individuals to tackle climate change

Education plays a critical role in addressing climate change as it raises awareness and builds the knowledge and skills necessary to transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future. Some of the ways…

19 06 2023 | 08:59

Berlin launches €50 billion ‘climate contracts’ for industry

As Germany’s 2045 climate neutrality target looms, the government is launching a multi-billion euro ‘Carbon Contracts for Difference’ scheme to help bridge the investment gap between clean tech and…

06 06 2023 | 08:57

Europe’s ‘heat pump valley’ takes root in the East

Nearly all heating in Europe must be climate-friendly by 2050 in order to reach the EU’s net-zero objective – and heat pumps are increasingly viewed as the main way of achieving this. “As far as I…

19 05 2023 | 10:56

Future houses to become material ‘banks,’ experts explain

This article is part of our special report Is there a role for concrete in sustainable construction?. Europe’s efforts to adopt its construction and building sector and bring it more in line with…

18 05 2023 | 11:26

Hydrogen industry slams commissioner over ‘counterproductive’ statements

European Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager has been criticised by the European hydrogen lobby group, Hydrogen Europe, following her remarks on the future role of hydrogen, in a letter seen…

04 05 2023 | 22:45

Beleaguered wind industry turns to European governments for help

While European governments boost their wind power ambitions, the industry is struggling with rising production costs and growing competition from China. 2023 was meant to be a triumphant year for…

24 04 2023 | 06:47

Germany veering off track from 2030 climate goal, experts warn

While Germany achieved its 2022 climate target, the persistent emission overshoot in the transport and building sector threatens the country’s ability to meet its 2030 objective, a national panel of…

25 02 2023 | 11:33

Germany on collision course with France, Spain over EU power market reform

Three weeks before the European Commission tables its proposal to reform the EU’s electricity market, Germany’s position on the issue is still being fleshed out but initial signs already point to a…

25 02 2023 | 11:30

Berlin lays out plan to bring back solar, wind industry on German soil

The German government is looking to acquire shares in renewable energy firms and provide support to wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers in order to encourage their production in Germany. Once…

14 02 2023 | 09:57

Germany welcomes EU’s new green hydrogen rules, activists divided

The European Commission published a long-awaited set of rules on Monday (13 February) defining what can be considered as “renewable” hydrogen, drawing praise from industry and mixed reactions from…

14 02 2023 | 09:38

Germany running behind its renewable energy ambition

Government infighting and bureaucracy continue to block the approval of new renewable energy projects in Germany, despite the emergency caused by falling gas supplies from Russia.

14 02 2023 | 08:53

LEAK: France wins recognition for nuclear in EU’s green hydrogen rules

The European Commission has tabled long-awaited rules defining the circumstances under which hydrogen can be labelled as coming from “renewable” energy sources. Last minute, Paris also won…