The Age of Stupid (10th Anniversary Mini-Sequel) [video]

06 07 2019 | 13:18

"Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?" is The Archivist's question.


He is one of the last few humans alive the a post-climate change, devastated world of 2055.

And this is the direction we are headed folks.

If you did not see The Age of Stupid when it came out (2010) then you are really missing the best movie on climate change we've seen.

It's available on YouTube at no cost, and on several other movie streaming platforms.

See it.

This tongue-in-cheek 'mini-sequel' will make much more sense.

Granted that this one is shorter.

So if you watch it first, perhaps it will whet your appetite for the 'real deal' (which was more 'kick in the pants' than 'tongue in cheek').

This is a prophetic movie.

We cannot recommend it highly enough.


July 2019