EGYPT: Absolicon to install a solar collector production line for CPS

27 12 2022 | 09:00Jean Marie Takouleu

Under an existing partnership, Absolicon Solar Concentrator will install a solar collector production line for Creative Power Solutions (CPS) in Egypt. This equipment is used to produce heat through the concentration of the sun's rays.

A solar collector production unit will soon be set up in Egypt. It will be installed by Absolicon Solar Concentrator. The Härnösand, Sweden-based company will install the production line for the Swiss company Creative Power Solutions (CPS). At a cost of €3.7 million, CPS ordered the unit with €2.7 million in funding from Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), the German development agency.

“With a total investment cost of €5.4 million, the local production of the manufacturing plant will enable knowledge transfer, while stimulating the deployment of renewable energy and creating jobs in various industries,” says Majed Toqan, Managing Director of Creative Power Solutions. Under a framework agreement signed in January 2022 making CPS the exclusive partner of Absolicon in Egypt, the unit will produce Absolicon T160 sensors.

Start of production in 2024

CPS plans to start production of its solar collectors in 2024, with a project equivalent to 14,000 m2 of collectors. This is the equivalent of a 7 MW power plant. However, there is not yet a real enthusiasm for large-scale production of thermodynamic solar energy in Egypt, even though the government is preparing a 600 MWe project. CPS wants to exploit the industrial potential of this process, which concentrates the sun’s rays to produce heat.

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As Egypt becomes more industrialised, factories are being built in the Suez Canal Economic Zone and other parts of the country that use heat in their industrial processes. In addition, the global market for large-scale solar heating is estimated by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to be worth €800 billion of investment in industry by 2050.

Jean Marie Takouleu