India plans $10 billion investment for 50,000 electric buses

28 07 2022 | 20:05Archana Chaudhary

State-controlled Convergence Energy Services Ltd. is planning a $10-billion tender for 50,000 electric buses that will drive India’s plans to decarbonize public transport and help meet its goals for net zero emissions.  

CESL Managing Director Mahua Acharya said such tenders are beginning to look like infrastructure projects and local production of electric buses is expected to grow in tandem with demand.  

“This country is moving very very rapidly on its electric vehicles ambition,” Acharya told Bloomberg Television in an interview. “So financing remains a challenge in as much as it presents an opportunity.” 

CESL was formed in 2020 to manage the solar and electric vehicle leasing business of its parent Energy Efficiency Services Ltd., which is a venture between four state-run energy companies. These are the key firms playing a major part in India’s plan to cut its overall projected carbon emissions by 1 billion tones by 2030 as part of its goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2070.

As world’s third-biggest emitter, India needs to build charging stations, improve grid capacities and redesign depots to ensure the adoption of electric vehicles, said Acharya. She also listed ongoing shortages with battery supplies as a concern.  

Archana Chaudhary | Bloomberg