Stronger Action to Wind Down Fossil Fuels is Needed to Avert Climate Catastrophe as COP26 Negotiations Come to a Close

12 11 2021 | 10:07

WHAT: Progress made at COP26 where oil, gas and coal production risks were finally considered is being seriously undermined by the currently woefully insufficient commitments on fossil fuels, warn leading environmentalists.

1.5C needs to be kept alive to allow humanity to survive yet commitments made on oil, gas and coal at COP26 will not get us there. Civil society leaders from around the world call on political decision makers to wind down fossil fuels at the required 5 percent annually per UNEP’s Production Gap Report 2021 in an equitable way rather than expanding production to levels that would more than double what is in keeping with the Paris Agreement.

COP26 marks the first time the phase out of fossil fuels - the source of most CO2 emissions - was directly proposed in the negotiation text. The success of COP26 will be measured based on whether oil, gas, and coal production is fully addressed, a timeline for action set and a commitment made to an equitable phase out where rich, fossil fuel producing countries lead and support less wealthy, more fossil fuel dependent nations to be part of the transition. It’s time for a clear plan to move away from fossil fuels. Panelists will outline pathways to move away from oil, gas and coal to clean energy and zero carbon solutions.

WHO: Civil society leaders from around the world including, Kumi Naidoo/Human Rights Advocate, Eriel Deranger/Indigenous Climate Action, Catherine Abreu/Destination Zero, Caroline Rance/Friends of the Earth Scotland and Harjeet Singh/CAN-International.

WHEN: Friday, November 12, 9:15 am

WHERE: UN Press Conference - Durdle Door | Live stream & Live TW




11 November 2021