TERNA ENERGY and Nvisionist collaborate on the largest Wind Park in Greece

08 09 2023 | 13:48Newsroom / CNN Greece

nvisionist announces its collaboration with TERNA ENERGY for the installation of the multi-awarded  nvbird®️ system in the country's largest wind farm .


This specific project is the flagship of TERNA ENERGY's projects under construction , it is located in the area of ​​South Evia and will be the largest wind farm in Greece, with a total installed capacity of 330 MW and 111 wind turbines , while it is being developed with absolute respect for the environment and the local ecosystem utilizing the most modern environmental management and biodiversity protection technologies.

At the same time, the installation of the innovative bird detection and monitoring system nvbird®️ (Bird Detection & Monitoring System) in this project is also the largest single installation of a system to prevent bird strikes on wind turbines in the world.

nvbird® ️ is a pioneer, integrated solution that is at the cutting edge of global technology with application in Wind Energy and with significant benefits for the environment, giving extra value to Wind Energy. nvbird®️ , using Artificial Intelligence ("Artificial Intelligence") and Machine Learning ("Machine Learning") technologies, prevents bird collisions with wind turbine blades, virtually eliminating the erroneous immobilization of wind turbines, significantly optimizes their productivity, while at the same time protecting the rare birds from the impact on the wind turbines. The expertise and innovation built into nvbird®️have established it globally as the most important and effective solution for accelerating de-lignification and achieving zero emission, while at the same time it is a critical parameter for the development of Wind farms internationally, protecting the environment and biodiversity.


Through a dynamic course with an emphasis on research and development ( R & D ) but also the creation of the most advanced digital technology solutions in wind energy and ICT, nvisionist has achieved the fastest expansion in international markets and the strengthening of its competitiveness. It is a unique international company that responds to the enormous challenges of the energy market by investing in the future and digital technology with a key focus on sustainability and sustainability (ESG) and which sets new standards on the world map of Wind Energy.

nvisionist is a member of WindEurope , ELETAEN (Hellenic Scientific Association of Wind Energy ), as well as a member of SEPE ( Association of Informatics & Communications of Greece), SEV (Association of Businesses and Industries) and H ETiA .