T.U.M. INNOVATION WEEK MOMBASA 1-5 APRIL 2019 - Research of pressure effect on cement properties. [video]

16 05 2019 | 12:27Ioannis Tsipouridis

The 1st Multidisciplinary Conference & Innovation Week took place in Mombasa on the following dates:

3rd-5th April 2019 ( Conference ) and 1-5th April 2019 (Innovation Week)

During the event some bright young people exhibited their brilliance and innovative spirit for all to admire.


Without any financial help from public or private sources, they invested their minds, time, effort and money and with the guidance and moral support of their teachers they achieved admirable results.

Admire their creativity, their chain of thoughts, their reasoning.

We should support encourage and protect them because they are the future of Kenya, the future of Africa, the future of the world


More information:


Email: conference@tum.ac.ke

Tel: 0723 843452/ (+254)41-2492222/3