WINDEUROPE Technology Workshop 2020 - 23-24 April 2020 in Naples, Italy.

08 01 2020 | 11:44

 Two technical workshops in one unmissable event

Are you an expert in the Analysis of Operating Wind Farms or Resource Assessment? Or do you have something to say about wind farm strategy, data and business model decisions?

In 2020, WindEurope will be hosting a technical workshop on all these topics in the same venue, at the same time. We’ll be gathering on 23-24 April 2020 in Naples, Italy. This means less travel for you while offering more networking opportunities!


Would you like share your expertise or latest findings?

We’re accepting abstracts until  10 January 2020  on the following topics:


Resource Assessment

Topic 1: Uncertainty in data analysis and processing

Topic 2: Measurement including LiDARs

Topic 3: Improving simulations and modelling with regards to levels of uncertainty

Topic 4: Wakes & blockage

Topic 5: Wind Atlas

Topic 6: Climate Change

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Analysis of Operating Wind Farms

Topic 1: Power curves assessment

Topic 2: Modelling

Topic 3: Forecasting

Topic 4: Turbine LiDARs

Topic 5: Noise

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General & Strategy

Topic 1: All about Data

Topic 2: Wind projects business model decisions (including permitting issues)

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For more information on the topics and on our submission guidelines, please visit our web page.. We look forward to hearing from you by 10 January – or you can submit your abstract already by clicking the button below.


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8 January 2020

Wind Europe