World Hydrogen Congress report now available.

13 01 2020 | 14:44

95% of all hydrogen currently on the market is produced from natural gas and coal. Just 5% is generated as a by-product from chlorine production through electrolysis and there is no significant hydrogen production from renewable sources.


At least, not yet, but this may change soon enough as the potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier and its significant contribution to the clean energy transition is attracting a lot of investment interest.


In our latest 16 page report, we take a look at The Role of Hydrogen for a Low-Carbon Economy, including the top markets, current projects for the green hydrogen industry and the opportunities for hydrogen in hard-to-decarbonise areas.


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Known since the 1700s as the simplest element on earth, hydrogen is light, storable, and reactive. It also has high energy content per unit mass and can be readily produced at industrial scale. Around 120 million tonnes of hydrogen are produced each year, according to International Energy Agency statistics (above).






13 January 2020

World Hydrogen Congress