air polution

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26 03 2020 | 09:40

Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution.

Largest scale experiment ever’ shows what is possible as satellite images reveal marked fall in global nitrogen dioxide levels The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down industrial activity and…

18 03 2020 | 08:50

COVID-19 Pandemic rekindles discussion on climate change, infectious desease.

From shifting disease patterns in a warming world, to shrinking animal habitats, to the impact of air pollution in making people more vulnerable to infection, news stories over the last several days…

17 03 2020 | 12:34

Air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, warn experts.

The health damage inflicted on people by long-standing air pollution in cities is likely to increase the death rate from coronavirus infections, experts have said.

16 03 2020 | 19:34

Ministry of Defence hosts £2m competition to mitigate radar risk of windfarms.

The Ministry of Defence has launched a £2m innovation competition to reduce impact of windfarms of UK’s Air Defence systems. With 30% of the nation’s energy to come from wind power by 2030, the MoD…

05 03 2020 | 07:04

Coronavirus: Nasa images show China pollution clear amid slowdown.

Satellite images have shown a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which is "at least partly" due to an economic slowdown prompted by the coronavirus, US space agency Nasa says. Nasa…

05 03 2020 | 06:25

Australia's carbon emissions fall just 0.3% as industrial pollution surges.

Emissions from electricity generation and agriculture decline, but tiny overall decline shows shortcomings of Coalition policy Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have dipped slightly on the back…

01 03 2020 | 13:56

‘The only uncertainty is how long we’ll last’: a worst case scenario for the climate in 2050.

The Future We Choose, a new book by the architects of the Paris climate accords, offers two contrasting visions for how the world might look in thirty years (read the best case scenario here)

01 03 2020 | 11:32

Outdoor cafe warmers spark heated debate in Paris.

Outdoor heaters: Paris campaigners want them banned A campaign is underway in Paris to ban heaters due to concerns about their electricity use. Since the smoking ban, there has been a mass move to…

23 02 2020 | 11:22

Inside Australia's climate emergency: the air we breathe.

For months, Australians breathed air pollution up to 26 times above levels considered hazardous to human health. The long-term impact could be devastating.   On the worst day of the smoke,…

21 02 2020 | 06:53

Time’s up for coal!

                              Burning fossil fuels poisons the air we breathe, plus drives the climate emergency Demand action on air pollution, click the button below, send a message to South…

20 02 2020 | 07:01

Delta Air Lines invests $1 billion in cutting carbon emissions.

Delta will commit $1 billion over the next ten years to mitigate all emissions from its global businesses going forward. From March 2020, the airline will invest in driving innovation, advancing…

18 02 2020 | 05:55

Transitioning the World to 100% Renewable Energy.

In the first half of this special two-part episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, take’s Zach…

18 02 2020 | 05:35

Greenpeace Africa activists successfully stormed the international cricket match between England and South Africa, demanding clean air.

Yesterday afternoon, at least ten fearless Greenpeace Africa activists successfully stormed onto the SuperSport Park cricket field during the international T20 cricket match between England and South…

26 01 2020 | 10:08

It’s a Vast, Invisible Climate Menace. We Made It Visible.

Immense amounts of methane are escaping from oil and gas sites nationwide, worsening global warming, even as the Trump administration weakens restrictions on offenders. To the naked eye, there is…

21 01 2020 | 07:33

Air Pollution could kill 160,000 in the UK over next decade.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has reported that 160,000 lives could be lost in the UK due to high levels of air pollution. The BHF has said that heart and circulatory disease deaths attributed…

11 01 2020 | 13:40

Pleading for Leniency, Eskom Wants to Slash Emissions by 2035.

Power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., South Africa’s biggest polluter, said it will slash emissions of three major pollutants by 2035 while it asks for exemptions to incoming standards to avoid as…

23 12 2019 | 08:01

China's changing diet is increasing air pollution and leading to more premature deaths.

More people are eating meat in China, leading to farmers using more fertilizers. Can a larger meat consumption be linked to more premature deaths and air pollution? That seems to be the case in…

25 11 2019 | 13:47

7 of the world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India.

Air pollution is an insidious killer. If you are among the 91% of the world’s population who breathes air the World Health Organisation (WHO) deems unsafe, then every time you inhale, microscopic…

24 11 2019 | 06:22

EasyJet to offset carbon emissions for all flights.

Britain’s easyJet (EZJ.L) is implementing plans to become the world’s first major airline to operate with net-zero carbon across its flight network, the budget carrier said on Tuesday as it also…

21 11 2019 | 09:03

Dutch government cuts speed limit to 100km/h to reduce air pollution.

Netherlands takes ‘rotten measure’ of reducing 130km/h limit to protect nature reserves. The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, has taken what he has described as the “rotten measure” of cutting the…