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23 03 2020 | 07:18

Renewables get a boost in Africa pledges

Funds committed for loans will back green energy projects across continent Efforts to spur the use of renewable energy in Africa have received a boost with commitments for almost $160 million in…

20 03 2020 | 07:55

UK Government announces £90m funding boost for ‘shake up’ in clean transport.

The UK Government announces new £90 million fund for a new generation of green transport. The government has launched a consultation to make journeys easier, smarter and greener through new…

16 03 2020 | 20:34

Shell Has a Plan to Profit From Climate Change.

Shell Is Looking Forward The fossil-fuel companies expect to profit from climate change. I went to a private planning meeting and took notes.

16 03 2020 | 20:32

What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus?

What would a fast, coordinated, collective response to climate change look like? The coronavirus has transformed everyday life so significantly that the effects are already visible from space. In…

16 03 2020 | 17:23

Hardly anyone talks about climate change.

Politicians, corporations, the media and activists are talking about climate change more than ever — but most Americans are not. Be smart: If you’re reading this on social media, you’re probably the…

12 03 2020 | 07:31

More solar power deals pop up in Latin America.

Big clean energy supply contracts have been announced in Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

12 03 2020 | 07:24

Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2045.

The Clean Economy Act will drive utility Dominion to procure gigawatts of solar, offshore wind and energy storage. Virginia has become the latest state to pass a law that sets it on a path to 100…

08 03 2020 | 10:10

Carbon Brief: UK carbon emissions have fallen by 29% in last decade.

New data from Carbon Brief has found that UK carbon emissions have dropped by 29 per cent in the last decade. In 2019, Carbon Brief found that the UK’s CO2 emissions fell by 2.9%, bringing the total…

05 03 2020 | 06:29

UK lags behind in €124bn European low-carbon investment table.

Britain contributed only 3% of continent’s 2019 green spending, report says British companies are lagging far behind their European neighbours in low-carbon investment after contributing only 3% of…

04 03 2020 | 17:06

The Real Reason The Middle East Is Pivoting Towards Renewables.

The oil-rich Middle East is boosting investments in renewable energy generation at home and abroad.   Watch the video here. Just a few years ago, this notion would have raised a few eyebrows. But…

01 03 2020 | 14:00

Plants can easily absorb lead from solar cells.

The study raises important question for using solar cells and plants on the same field. It’s increasingly been suggested that solar panels could be used on agricultural fields, producing clean…

01 03 2020 | 09:35

East Africa: Clean Energy - Region Looks to Kenya for Expertise in Renewable Sources.

Kenya's expertise in developing geothermal energy has become a point of reference in the region, leading to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Djibouti, South Sudan, and Comoros visiting for benchmarking.…

18 02 2020 | 05:24

An effective role for women in renewable energy and sustainability.

The wise leadership of the UAE strives to enhance the participation of women in all sectors including energy, which is no longer exclusive to men. Women in the UAE are key partners in the development…

18 02 2020 | 05:04

Scottish Power launches 100% green energy tariff.

Firm aims to stand out from ‘greenwashing’ deals misleading consumers Scottish Power is launching a new tariff in which it guarantees that 100% of the electricity will come from its own renewable…

16 02 2020 | 05:14

The future of energy: shedding light on different renewable energy options after the Chevron announcement.

After the big oil corporation, Chevron, announced their $11 billion write-down, experts are predicting a negative future for the oil industry.

14 02 2020 | 06:07

New campaign launched on campuses urges colleges and universities to shift to 100 percent clean renewable power.

Environment America Research & Policy Center leads nationwide effort BOSTON -- As students across the country begin a new semester, Environment America Research & Policy Center is launching…

24 01 2020 | 10:38

Green bonds issuance hit $255 billion in 2019.

A new report by Climate Bonds Initiative has found that in 2019, green bonds issuance hit a record $255 billion. Global green bond and loan issuance climbed by 49% last year to a record high of $249…

19 01 2020 | 14:51

Why India is the new hotspot for renewable energy investors.

  India is home to one of the largest clean-energy expansion programmes. Support from the government and foreign investors is driving this growth. There is still more the state can do to support…

17 01 2020 | 07:33

Octopus secures £185m renewables mandate from National Grid UK Pension Scheme.

Octopus Renewables has secured a £185 million clean energy mandate from the National Gird UK Pension Scheme. Octopus Renewables, the specialist clean energy investor and part of Octopus Group, has…

24 11 2019 | 06:25

Energy companies challenge government’s change to clean energy credits.

Issuing new clean energy credits devalues the existing ones, energy firms say. Six foreign and Mexican renewable energy companies have launched legal action against the federal government over a…