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21 10 2021 | 11:31

Young climate activists vow to keep fighting despite UN setback

Children’s rights body rejects landmark case by group of activists including Greta Thunberg A group of youth activists say they have been spurred to fight even harder after their landmark case…

21 10 2021 | 11:24

‘Tired of broken promises’: climate activists launch hunger strike outside White House

The protest comes a day after Joe Biden appeared ready to settle for a smaller environmental proposal ahead of the COP26 summit. With little more than sun hats, placards and folding chairs, five…

21 10 2021 | 10:20

The climate activists who want Norway to end oil and gas production

As world leaders prepare for the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, soaring gas prices in Europe have exposed the continent’s deep dependence on fossil fuels. Young climate activists in…

16 10 2021 | 11:25

Greenpeace blocks Whitehall with oil-covered statue of Boris Johnson

Protesters are calling on government to stop Cambo oil field going ahead. Climate activists have disrupted traffic near Downing Street to protest against plans for a new oil field in Scotland.…

08 10 2021 | 09:31

Young climate activists denounce 'youth-washing' in Milan

Young climate activists have denounced Italian police for temporarily detaining delegates who protested peacefully inside their Milan conference before Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s speech Young…

04 10 2021 | 10:29

'We see through their lies': Greta Thunberg takes aim at political leaders – video

Speaking at a Fridays for Future march in Milan, the environmental activist lambasted ministers for their inaction over the climate emergency.  Thunberg has been in Italy's financial capital to…

01 10 2021 | 13:01

The transformation of Greta Thunberg


29 09 2021 | 15:00

‘Blah, blah, blah’: Greta Thunberg lambasts leaders over climate crisis

Exclusive: Activist says there are many fine words but the science does not lie – CO2 emissions are still rising Greta Thunberg has excoriated global leaders over their promises to address the…

24 09 2021 | 13:49

Climate strikes: We’ll take to streets because leaders ‘don’t care about future’, says Greta Thunberg

Young people will protest in more than 1,000 locations across the world on Friday to demand faster action on the climate crisis. Young people across the world will return to the streets this Friday…

23 09 2021 | 09:08

#UprootTheSystem-'Climate strikers gearing up for next global climate strike

Global  --  On September 24th, 2021, Fridays for Future will take to the streets, online and in-person, once again, some in the face of increasing repression from state authorities towards climate…

19 09 2021 | 09:36

Indigenous Resistance Blocked 400 Coal Plants' Worth of Climate Pollution

Indigenous-led resistance to 21 fossil fuel projects in the U.S. and Canada has prevented or delayed the equivalent of one-quarter of those countries' climate warming pollution, a recent report says.

17 09 2021 | 15:54

Beyond XR: Could government failure at Cop26 fire the starting gun on a brave green future?

Interview: The Glasgow summit is now or never for tackling the climate emergency. Harry Cockburn asks former XR strategist Rupert Read what is next for the environment movement if the meeting is a…

16 09 2021 | 15:27

227 people were killed defending the environment last year, a new report shows. That's a record.

Behind the veil of the Covid-19 pandemic, 227 people were killed last year protecting forests, water and other natural resources under increasing stress from climate change, making 2020 the deadliest…

16 09 2021 | 15:06

Governments falling woefully short of Paris climate pledges, study finds

As Cop26 meeting approaches, analysis shows world is on track for 3C temperature increase if present trends continue. Every one of the world’s leading economies, including all the countries that…

16 09 2021 | 12:59

Extinction Rebellion activists glued to Science Museum site in Shell protest

Demonstrators attach themselves to railings in reaction to museum taking funding from oil firm for Our Future Planet show. Extinction Rebellion protesters have glued and locked themselves to the…

16 09 2021 | 12:34

Climate activists are being killed for trying to save our planet. There is a way to help

Last year, there were a record 227 killings globally. It is our duty to keep resisting the insatiable forces that led to their deaths.

03 09 2021 | 14:50

Activists fear San Miguel coal exit simply part of pivot to natural gas

San Miguel Corp (SMC), through its energy arm SMC Global Power Holdings Corp, dropped more coal projects from its portfolio, after announcing last month that it was removing the fossil fuel from its…

14 06 2021 | 09:38

Italian climate activists sue government over inaction.

Plaintiffs want court to order Mario Draghi’s government to adopt more ambitious climate policies Environment campaigners in Italy are suing the government for failing to sufficiently tackle the…

05 06 2021 | 10:57

‘If we don’t change we’re f*cked’: Greta Thunberg warns humanity in new video

Climate activist shifts focus onto farming and veganism in latest campaign Greta Thunberg has warned humanity must shift to a plant-based diet quickly to prevent more ecological and health crises.…

01 06 2021 | 11:26

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