climate crisis

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27 05 2020 | 10:09

Green recovery: More than 150 multinationals call for Covid-19 aid to be aligned with climate goals.

Largest UN-backed chief executive-led climate effort brings together companies from 34 sectors with a total market capitalisation of $2.4tn Some of the biggest names in the corporate world have come…

25 05 2020 | 07:44

Our environment has always affected our mortality, should we add climate change to death certificates?

As temperatures rise we predict increasing morbidity and mortality, particularly in the climate-vulnerable parts of northern Australia. Last summer was bad for our health. We breathed hazardous air…

25 05 2020 | 07:44

Tropical Storms Are Getting More Intense Due to the Climate Crisis.

The devastation caused by hurricanes in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Houston over the last few years is a direct effect of the climate crisis, which is making tropical storms stronger…

24 05 2020 | 09:39

Climate change talk has been around for 30 years. Where's the action?

I can't tell you what I was doing on June 23, 1988, though I can take a guess. I was a week or so from finishing my journalism course and — how times have changed — I'd already been offered a job.…

22 05 2020 | 08:42

Climate change is turning parts of Antarctica green, say scientists.

Researchers map ‘beginning of new ecosystem’ as algae bloom across surface of melting snow. Scientists have created the first large-scale map of microscopic algae on the Antarctic peninsula as they…

21 05 2020 | 11:47

Climate Assembly UK concludes in world transformed by coronavirus

Health crisis pushed emissions down public agenda – but there’s growing appetite for global reset. When 110 people gathered at a hotel in Birmingham in January for the UK’s first citizens’ assembly…

15 05 2020 | 08:25

Why it doesn't make economic sense to ignore climate change in our recovery from the pandemic.

It will be tempting for some to overlook the climate change challenge in the rush to restart the economy after the pandemic.

06 05 2020 | 08:25

Helping Our Politicians Solve The Climate Crisis.

We at the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada are in the business of creating political will for a livable planet with a laser-focus on carbon pricing, long considered the best tool to reduce carbon…

06 05 2020 | 08:18

4 Climate Crisis Solutions No One Is Talking About.

Both our economy and the environment are in crisis. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few while the majority of Americans struggle to get by. The climate crisis is worsening inequality, as…

04 05 2020 | 07:30

PARIS REINFORCE in the time of COVID-19.

The PARIS REINFORCE consortium has been considering how best to accommodate COVID-19 implications in its research, including potential long-term socioeconomic implications (e.g. economic growth),…

02 05 2020 | 08:54

UN chief: don't use taxpayer money to save polluting industries.

António Guterres calls for coronavirus aid to be directed at firms with green credentials. Governments should not use taxpayer cash to rescue fossil fuel companies and carbon-intensive industries,…

02 05 2020 | 07:17

Could Microsoft’s climate crisis ‘moonshot’ plan really work?

The tech giant’s pledge to go carbon negative by 2030 leans heavily on nascent technology such as machines that suck carbon out of the air. Microsoft drew widespread praise in January this year…

29 04 2020 | 06:05

Never Waste a Crisis: For a Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19.

Recent generations, including ours, lived – and are still living – through four global crises. But the good news is that this time we have our blueprint to choose a sustainable and resilient socio-…

29 04 2020 | 06:04

The Guardian joins forces with hundreds of newsrooms to promote climate solutions.

As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaches, we’re partnering with newsrooms around the world to report on solutions to the climate crisis – and drive hope. Even as the coronavirus pandemic…

15 04 2020 | 08:58

'It's positively alpine!': Disbelief in big cities as air pollution falls.

Delhi is one of many capitals enjoying improved air quality since restrictions were introduced due to the coronavirus The screenshots began to circulate on Delhi WhatsApp groups last week, captioned…

15 04 2020 | 08:13

Will we learn lessons for tackling climate change from our current crisis?

Crises tend to bring out some of the best and the worst in us. We have watched in awe and admiration as health care professionals have responded with superhuman dedication to the Covid-19 pandemic.

13 04 2020 | 07:08

Wildlife destruction 'not a slippery slope but a series of cliff edges'.

New study finds ocean ecosystems likely to collapse in 2020s and land species in 2040s unless global warming stemmed. Wildlife species will die out and natural ecosystems collapse in the near future…

07 04 2020 | 08:41

Coronavirus and climate change are two crises that need humanity to unite.

IIED director Andrew Norton looks at some of the emerging impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, and discusses the possible longer-term effects of the pandemic. Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by…

04 04 2020 | 13:39

UN Officials Emphasize Importance of Inclusiveness as Meetings Go Virtual.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Presidents of the UNGA and ECOSOC stressed the need for maximum transparency and inclusiveness as meetings increasingly take place in virtual, remote formats. They also updated…

04 04 2020 | 13:20

Coronavirus: The immediate effect on climate change.

COVID-19 has suspended normality across the globe. With everyone's attention now focused on fighting the virus, what does this mean for the fight against climate change? The pandemic is changing how…