climate crisis

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17 07 2021 | 10:04

BREAKING (The Energy Mix) :Deadly Western Heat Dome 'Virtually Impossible' withour Climate Change.

Less than a week after a deadly “heat dome” devastated western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest and burned Lytton, B.C. to the ground, an international science team is reporting that the…

15 07 2021 | 10:06

Human activity influencing global rainfall, study finds

Anthropogenic warming of climate has been a factor in extreme precipitation events globally, researchers say. Human activity such as such as greenhouse gas emissions and land use change were a key…

15 07 2021 | 09:59

Climate crisis ‘may put 8bn at risk of malaria and dengue’

Reducing global heating could save millions of people from mosquito-borne diseases, study finds More than 8 billion people could be at risk of malaria and dengue fever by 2080 if greenhouse gas…

15 07 2021 | 09:37

‘We live in a desert. We have to act like it’: Las Vegas faces reality of drought

Water investigators track down wasteful homeowners and public turf torn up to conserve scarce water supplies Investigator Perry Kaye jammed the brakes of his government-issued vehicle to survey the…

15 07 2021 | 09:36

Homeless people were already in a ‘humanitarian crisis’ during Covid. Then the Northwest heat wave hit

Coronavirus and wildfires were already making life very difficult for unhoused people in the Pacific Northwest, and this week’s record-breaking heat wave just made things worse, writes Josh Marcus…

15 07 2021 | 08:44

Grasshopper Plague Is Latest Sign of Climate Crisis in U.S. West

The hot, dry weather baking the U.S. West is causing another problem for the beleaguered region: an overabundance of grasshoppers.

12 07 2021 | 13:06

A farm worker and a father: victims of the Pacific north-west’s heatwave

Extreme weather killed hundreds in the US and Canada and experts say heat could have played a role in many more deaths. The intense heatwave in June and July in the US and Canada has already caused…

10 07 2021 | 08:00

Heat wave sends water pouring off Mount Rainier, exposing glaciers to summer heat sooner

A torrent of melted snow has flooded rivers and streams near Mount Rainier following record-setting heat throughout Washington. “We had a huge amount of snowmelt over a short period of time,” said…

10 07 2021 | 07:42

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)

The effects of ‘weird weather’ were already being felt in the 1960s, but scientists linking fossil fuels with climate change were dismissed as prophets of doom.

10 07 2021 | 07:27

As Climate Change Fries the World, Social Media Is Frying Our Brains

More than 5 billion mobile connections and 3.6 billion social media accounts may add up to existential risk.

10 07 2021 | 07:12

Forget GDP, ‘vulnerability index best gauges aid’ to small islands.

Commonwealth research says UVI is better measure of small island states’ aid needs, especially on climate Small island nations on the climate crisis frontlines have been overlooked in overseas aid,…

08 07 2021 | 12:45

Small majority believe there is still time to avert climate disaster – survey

Survey in 16 countries finds just over half of consumers believe their own behaviour can help A small majority of people believe there is still time to make a difference and slow global heating, a…

07 07 2021 | 10:22

Greta Thunberg attacks world leaders: ‘When the protests get too loud, you make the protests illegal’

Politicians are ‘role-playing’ and ‘pretending to wage war against fossil fuels’, activist says Greta Thunberg has torn into global leaders’ response to the worsening climate crisis, accusing them…

06 07 2021 | 10:10

Iraqis battle in 50C heat as Iran halts power supply due to unpaid bills.

Iraq’s electricity minister has resigned as protests erupt in Basra over the crippling shortages. Provinces across Iraq’s south have halted work amid scorching temperatures and rolling blackouts…

05 07 2021 | 11:05

Heat Waves Cook Bird Eggs.

Some birds have mastered living in the scorching, dry environment of a desert. But even desert-adapted birds can't handle extreme temperatures like those seen during heat waves. A heat wave is said…

05 07 2021 | 10:30

Summer Is Already Off to a Wild Start

Extreme weather events are popping up all over the world—from heat waves to tropical storms, droughts, and tornadoes—and climate change is a unifying factor. Extreme temperatures in China coupled…

05 07 2021 | 10:27

Flesh eating parasites multiplying across US due to climate crisis

Experts say it is now endemic to US states like Texas and Oklahoma. Experts have warned that climate crisis and land-use changes could be creating a conducive environment for flesh-eating leishmania…

30 06 2021 | 10:55

Billions needed to protect Glasgow from climate effects, report says

Exclusive – Study says 2m in Clyde area – due to host Cop26 – face severe disruption without urgent investment Nearly 2 million people living in the greater Glasgow area face severe disruption from…

29 06 2021 | 09:13

We’re Out of Time to Save Ourselves From Extinction.

The climate crisis is already killing us. Close your eyes. Imagine it’s the middle of summer. Normally, you’d be relaxing by the pool or going for a stroll on the beach. Not anymore. Instead, your…

29 06 2021 | 08:40

Legal Experts Define Ecocide, Take Step Toward International Criminal Law.

After six months of deliberation, an international panel of 12 legal experts has drafted an official definition of ecocide.