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17 02 2020 | 10:35

UK power emissions falling 'faster than anywhere else in the world'.

The UK's power sector CO2 has fallen by around two thirds over the past decade, a study by Imperial College London finds The UK's continuing shift towards renewable sources of electricity is helping…

03 02 2020 | 09:44

BMW Group pushes low-emission transport logistics.

BMW Group joins “Getting to Zero Coalition”. The objective: decarbonisation of international maritime shipping.

29 01 2020 | 17:19

Deep Decarbonization: A Realistic Way Forward on Climate Change.

Global emissions have soared by two-thirds in the three decades since international climate talks began. To make the reductions required, what’s needed is a new approach that creates incentives for…

15 11 2019 | 21:06

How To Reach U.S. Net Zero Emissions By 2050: Decarbonizing Industry.

Presidential candidates, state governments, and 

12 11 2019 | 04:35

GCC could see $76bn savings from renewable energy adoption.

International Renewable Energy Agency says Gulf is rapidly adopting renewable energy generation. The GCC is rapidly adopting renewable energy generation, with the International Renewable Energy…

27 09 2019 | 10:38

Amazon commits to being carbon neutral by 2040.

Amazon has announced they will be net zero by 2040, to align with goals set at the Paris Agreement. The multinational technology company has pledged to be net zero by 2040 along with a number of…

21 09 2019 | 10:55

Oilsands Face Deep Trouble As ‘Death Toll’ Rings For Gasoline.

Oil production costs will have to come way down to be competitive with renewables a decade from now, a new study says. The age of gasoline could be over sooner than many people think, a recent…

17 09 2019 | 10:49

The clean-energy fast track.

The global transition from carbon-intensive fossil fuels to cleaner, more reliable renewables like wind and solar is already well underway. But the big question – for the 2020s and beyond – is how…

10 09 2019 | 07:26

WindEurope's 5 priorities for the incoming European Commission.

European citizens have succeeded in putting climate change onto the political agenda in a way never seen before. As Ursula von der Leyen’s European Commission takes shape, it will be looking to…

15 07 2019 | 15:14

Carbon debate lacks honesty.

Oxford academic says current decarbonisation efforts are a failure and calls for a global price for carbon University of Oxford professor and economist Dieter Helm is not afraid of voicing strong…

30 06 2019 | 08:51

Wind to dominate renewables growth over the coming decade, Fitch says.

Green energy and natural gas will have similar proportions in the power generation mix, but coal will prevail. Non-hydro renewables, led by wind and solar, will reach 2.4 terawatt of installed…

01 06 2019 | 08:42

UK goes entire fortnight without using coal power

  National Grid ESO has confirmed that for the first time ever the UK has gone coal-free for an entire fortnight.