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17 08 2022 | 16:46

Energy firms' record profits during energy crisis 'immoral', says UN secretary general – video

The UN secretary general, António Guterres, has condemned the record profits of energy companies during a global energy crisis triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 'It is immoral for oil and…

15 08 2022 | 13:31

African climate diplomats reject African Union’s pro-gas stance for Cop27

African climate negotiators have quashed a proposal by the African Union to promote gas as a bridge fuel for the continent at UN talks. The executive council of the African Union had proposed that…

07 08 2022 | 08:37

Fuel crisis in the Central African Republic escalates humanitarian need

A growing lack of fuel in the Central African Republic (CAR), exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, is worsening an already critical situation for the 3.1 million people in the country who are in urgent…

04 08 2022 | 17:38

Launch of the Global Crisis Response Group Brief #3 - Energy Crisis

Calling record profits from oil and gas amid global energy crisis “immoral”, UN Secretary-General urges support to most vulnerable, and transition to renewables   

02 08 2022 | 11:14

Fossil fuel projects will not secure any part of $8.5bn just transition funding

Climate envoys from those developed countries that have entered into a Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) with South Africa have confirmed that their governments will not fund fossil-fuel …

12 07 2022 | 07:05

Conservatives blame the energy crisis on net zero climate goals – but what is really going on?

A range of factors is behind the rise in electricity prices, but net zero isn’t one of them. Energy markets and electricity systems are complicated beasts at the best of times, but throw in war,…

22 06 2022 | 12:03

Watch the fiery moment Energy Minister loses it at a journalist for suggesting more coal was the answer to the energy crisis

Chris Bowen has furiously dismissed suggestions that prolonging coal-fired power is the solution to Australia's energy crisis. The Energy Minister Minister fired-up in a press conference when he was…

28 04 2022 | 12:30

Fuel, food, finance: Brace for impact from Russia’s Ukraine war

Russia’s war with Ukraine threatens scores of countries and over 1 billion people with a triple shock — soaring fuel prices, surging food costs and financial turmoil — that can spark political…

21 04 2022 | 08:12

War in Ukraine poses environmental risk now and in the future, advocates say

As Russian forces bombard communities across Ukraine, the nation’s once-vibrant ecosystems are becoming scorched and scarred, rewinding decades of conservation work, according to Ukrainian climate…

21 04 2022 | 08:01

Energy Citizenship – A new dimension in Energy Policy Making

Now is the right time to re-design the way we assess energy progress. Bringing together people from all layers of the energy ecosystem is vital to keep moving forward together within these multiple…

18 04 2022 | 16:08

Renewables key to 'independence'

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shaken many long-held Western assumptions about the foundations of peace in Europe. Among other things, it has renewed policymakers' focus on energy dependence as a…