Global Centre for Adaptation

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12 07 2022 | 07:27

ETHIOPIA: $600 million for climate adaptation for small-scale farmers

Faced with the scarcity of rainfall and water resources in Ethiopia, the World Bank is allocating $600 million to climate adaptation for small-scale farmers. The funding will support farmers with the…

05 07 2022 | 08:06

AFRICA: GCA call for applications on climate adaptation in cities

The Global Centre for Adaptation (GCA) requires the services of an Africa-based firm to carry out its Rapid Climate Risk Assessment (RCRA) project in four French-speaking African cities. The RCRA…

26 06 2022 | 08:24

IVORY COAST: GCA to facilitate €2bn for climate resilience

The Global Centre for Adaptation (GCA) will facilitate the mobilisation of €2 billion for adaptation and climate resilience projects in Ivory Coast. The memorandum of understanding for this…