global warming

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25 04 2020 | 13:42

Decrease in Global Inequality is Threatened by Climate Change.

Global inequality between countries has been decreasing over the last few decades, particularly due to rapid economic growth in India and China. In contrast, recent studies highlight the role of…

25 04 2020 | 12:52

What to plant in a warming world.

NOTE: Importantly, as we continue to be mindful of the well-being of ourselves and others during the coronavirus outbreak, gardening can be as solitary and calming a pursuit as you’re likely to find…

29 03 2020 | 14:32

With Temperatures Rising, Can Animals Survive the Heat Stress?

A growing number of studies show that warming temperatures are increasing mortality in creatures ranging from birds in the Mojave Desert, to mammals in Australia, to bumblebees in North America.…

17 03 2020 | 13:43

Climate change is a bigger threat than coronavirus, says UN Secretary General.

Don't let a passing crisis, serious though it is, distract you from the real fight. The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, is worried that the coronavirus panic will distract people from the…

16 03 2020 | 21:01

Greenland and Antarctica losing ice six times faster than expected.

According to a new report, Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice six times faster than in the 1990s – currently on track with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s worst-case climate…

16 03 2020 | 20:51

Climate crisis is accelerating, shows growing impacts, UN warns.

Last year was the second warmest in history at a global level. Global warming and its impact on ecosystems and people grew in 2019, according to a study by the United Nations, which warned more…

08 03 2020 | 10:20

Why Milankovitch (Orbital) Cycles Can't Explain Earth's Current Warming.

In the last few months, a number of questions have come in asking if NASA has attributed Earth’s recent warming to changes in how Earth moves through space around the Sun: a series of orbital motions…

05 03 2020 | 07:39

Killer heat: how a warming land is changing Australia forever.

The frontline ->  Inside Australia's climate emergency: the killer heat   Australia is heating faster than the global average, and extreme heat days are on the rise. Doctors say there’s clear…

04 03 2020 | 16:23

World may miss carbon targets unless big firms improve – Mark Carney.

Bank of England governor warns City about need for businesses to fully disclose climate impact Analysis: poor countries need clear finance pledges

28 02 2020 | 06:54

'Unprecedented' globally: more than 20% of Australia's forests burnt in bushfires.

Researchers’ figure contrasts starkly with proportion of forest burned over such a period on any other continent More than 20% of Australia’s forests burned during the summer’s bushfire catastrophe…

26 02 2020 | 09:11

JP Morgan economists warn climate crisis is threat to human race.

Leaked report for world’s major fossil fuel financier says Earth is on unsustainable trajectory The world’s largest financier of fossil fuels has warned clients that the climate crisis threatens…

24 02 2020 | 05:45

Colorado River flow shrinks from climate crisis, risking ‘severe water shortages’ .

Millions of people rely on the 1,450-mile waterway as increasing periods of drought and rising temperatures reduce flow of river The flow of the Colorado River is dwindling due to the impacts of…

24 02 2020 | 05:38

What is climate change? A really simple guide.

Scientists say global warming could have a catastrophic effect on the planet. Human activities have increased carbon-dioxide emissions, driving up temperatures. Extreme weather and melting polar ice…

23 02 2020 | 16:17

Great Barrier Reef on brink of third major coral bleaching in five years, scientists warn.

The Great Barrier Reef could be heading for a third major coral bleaching outbreak in the space of five years if high ocean temperatures in the region do not drop in the next two weeks, scientists…

18 02 2020 | 05:55

Transitioning the World to 100% Renewable Energy.

In the first half of this special two-part episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, take’s Zach…

16 02 2020 | 05:56

Climate change: How 1.5C degrees of global warming could change the world.

Leading climate scientists say in order to stop global warming from exceeding 1.5C and causing a "climate catastrophe" urgent steps need to be taken now. Research by the UN Intergovernmental Panel…

12 02 2020 | 12:37

In-depth Q&A: The IPCC’s special report on climate change and land.

This morning in Geneva, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its special report on climate change and land. The land provides the “food, feed, fibre, fuel and freshwater”…

17 01 2020 | 07:54

Scientist Slams Climate Change Deniers In Brilliant Viral Post.

The overwhelming consensus on climate change in the scientific community is that it's real, and it's man-made. The most commonly-cited figure is that 97.1 percent of scientific studies support the…

04 12 2019 | 14:47

EU turns to methane emissions in fight against global warming.

The European Commission is working on a first-ever methane strategy that could play a “very significant role” in enabling the EU increase its climate ambitions for 2030, EU officials have said. New…

28 11 2019 | 07:42

2019, the year the world woke up to climate change.

Until recently, for most people, climate change was firmly in the realm of the hypothetical.