green transition

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27 09 2020 | 08:51

Sizing the green economy: Green Revenues and the EU taxonomy.

Investors and policymakers face a common challenge: How can green business activities be systematically identified, categorized, and measured across diverse sectors, supply chains and asset classes…

03 09 2020 | 09:13

Has Africa's green revolution failed?

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is a favorite cause among Western donors — including Germany. But a study finds that the work of the organization is actually counterproductive.

04 07 2020 | 10:37

UK should prioritise green projects to kickstart economy, says IMF.

Chief economist tells committee that coronavirus recovery is an opportunity to create jobs and greener planet The British government should prioritise spending on green projects to create jobs and…

29 06 2020 | 07:34

Car industry gets £73.5 million investment to promote a green economic recovery.

Government grants will contribute to the recovery of the automotive sector and the UK economy, cutting carbon emissions, and safeguarding more than 14,000 jobs. Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi…

12 06 2020 | 20:29

Η Ομιλία του Robert Pollin για την Κλιματική Αλλαγή στο Μουσείο Γουλανδρή Φυσικής Ιστορίας.

Στο πλαίσιο του Μεγάλου Προγράμματος για την Κλιματική Αλλαγή που διοργάνωσε το Μουσείο Γουλανδρή Φυσικής Ιστορίας, πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 21 Οκτωβρίου 2019, στο Αμφιθέατρο «Άγγελος Γουλανδρής» του…

01 06 2020 | 07:28

Developing zero-carbon energy carriers is a $500bn opportunity.

Big Oil is already setting its eyes on capturing the market for high-voltage transmission lines that could change the way clean energy is accessed. Developing innovative renewable energy carriers…

28 05 2020 | 08:55

We now have the proof: greening the economy doesn't come at the price of prosperity

After the financial crisis, green investment paid dividends. Coronavirus presents an even greater opportunity.

13 04 2020 | 07:49

Africa’s green renewal gathers pace.

Despite myriad challenges, Africa’s uptake of renewable energy is belatedly moving in the right direction. David Thomas examines how the exciting potential of new technologies is making progress in…

08 04 2020 | 11:47

BNEF: Green hydrogen could curb third of fossil fuel and industry emissions by 2050.

But roughly $150bn of subsidies, carbon pricing and more supportive policies may be needed for green hydrogen to reach full decarbonisation potential, finds analyst A major rollout of green hydrogen…

20 03 2020 | 07:03

FG launches $200m renewable energy project ‘to light up 500,000 households’.

The federal government has launched the $200 million Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) to provide off-grid energy to over 500,000 people across 105,000 households in rural communities across the…

05 03 2020 | 07:04

Fear? Cost? Fame? What’s turning on Asian businesses to renewable energy?

Businesses hardly ever adopt renewable energy for altruistic reasons, but does that matter? In this interview with Eco-Business, Lionel Steinitz, CEO of LYS Energy, talks about why firms go green,…

05 03 2020 | 06:29

UK lags behind in €124bn European low-carbon investment table.

Britain contributed only 3% of continent’s 2019 green spending, report says British companies are lagging far behind their European neighbours in low-carbon investment after contributing only 3% of…

27 02 2020 | 07:39

Accountants urged to help firms worldwide combat climate crisis.

ICAEW and other industry groups want climate risk to be integrated into company audits The world’s accountants must put the climate crisis at the forefront of their work to spur global companies to…

16 02 2020 | 05:24

Bellona: A green energy transition is necessary in the Arctic.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the Arctic and therefore the entire plant. And while numerous nations speak of the importance of limiting their carbon footprints, nonetheless are…

07 02 2020 | 08:28

Post Davos: The Elite’s New Climate Narrative Has Dangerous Flaw.

We’re living in a real life experiment of ‘wealth gone wild’ and it’s destroying our planet. As the Davos conference came to an end, the jet flying plutocrats seemed to unite around a new climate…

18 01 2020 | 11:44

Transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2050 would pay for itself.

The cost of a global transition to 100% renewable energy would be $95 trillion CAD, but researchers say the investment would pay for itself in only seven years. Transitioning to 100 per cent…

18 12 2019 | 07:51

Why a just transition makes economic sense for climate financiers.

The case for hardwiring social justice into climate action The very fact that this year’s COP25 climate summit had to be hastily moved to Spain, after street protests against economic inequality…

23 10 2019 | 10:07

EBRD invests €18 million in TERNA ENERGY’s green bond.

EBRD backs €150 million green bond issuance of TERNA ENERGY €18 million to further support investments in the renewable energy sector in Greece It is the first certified climate bond that the EBRD…