greenhouse gas emissions

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13 05 2022 | 10:58

John Kerry warns a long Ukraine war would threaten climate efforts

The longer the war in Ukraine carries on, the worse the consequences will be for the climate, the US presidential envoy John Kerry has warned. Many countries are struggling with an energy crisis…

13 05 2022 | 10:45

Climate limit of 1.5C close to being broken, scientists warn

The year the world breaches for the first time the 1.5C global heating limit set by international governments is fast approaching, a new forecast shows.

13 05 2022 | 10:27

Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption

Many climate activists, scientists, engineers and politicians are trying to reassure us the climate crisis can be solved rapidly without any changes to lifestyle, society or the economy.

10 05 2022 | 08:32

Tyre Extinguishers strike SUVs in Switzerland and Netherlands

Climate activists have let down tyres on luxury SUVs in the city of Zurich in Switzerland and in The Hague in the Netherlands. Tyre Extinguishers, a loose affiliation of direct action advocates that…

03 11 2021 | 14:10

Leonardo DiCaprio brings star power to Glasgow for COP26

Actor and environmental campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio has arrived in Glasgow for the COP26 summit. The Hollywood star, who is a UN climate change representative, was seen at the Kew Carbon Garden…

03 11 2021 | 13:43

Global pollution price could cut greenhouse gases by 12%, says report

World Economic Forum says taxing carbon emitters would cost less than economic fallout from climate crisis. Creating an international price for carbon emissions could reduce global greenhouse gases…

03 11 2021 | 13:24

COP26: What effect does methane have on climate change? And more questions

The COP26 climate summit kicks off in Glasgow this weekend - one of the biggest ever world meetings on how to tackle global warming. But what's it all about? BBC News environment correspondent Matt…

31 10 2021 | 20:09

Climate change: Greenhouse gas build-up reached new high in 2020

The build-up of warming gases in the atmosphere rose to record levels in 2020 despite the pandemic, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The amounts of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide…

27 10 2021 | 14:47

Plastics emissions to surpass coal-powered plants by end of decade

The plastics industry in the United States is on track to release more greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) than coal-powered electricity generating plants by the end of the decade, according to a new…

16 10 2021 | 11:50

Kowbucha, seaweed, vaccines: the race to reduce cows’ methane emissions

Agriculture is the largest anthropogenic source of this gas, accounting for about 40%, leading innovators to offer new solutions to tackle its bovine source In 2017, Canadian cattle farmers in…

04 10 2021 | 11:59

Kowbucha, seaweed, vaccines: the race to reduce cows’ methane emissions

Agriculture is the largest anthropogenic source of this gas, accounting for about 40%, leading innovators to offer new solutions to tackle its bovine source In 2017, Canadian cattle farmers in…

17 09 2021 | 15:04

Meat and dairy are almost 60% of all our food emissions

Cutting down on meat is one of the best ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Production of meat and dairy products releases twice as much greenhouse gases as plant-based foods, according to…

17 09 2021 | 14:56

A radical new freezing method could cut emissions equal to one million cars, while keeping your food fresh

We're on the cusp of a new revolution in freezing foods. When the first freezers were mass-produced after World War II, food preservation was never the same. This seemingly simple yet wonderful…

16 09 2021 | 12:56

Climate impact of a transatlantic flight could cost global economy $3,000

Economic cost of climate crisis has cut 37% from global GDP this century, say researchers A return flight from the UK to New York could cost the global economy more than $3,000 (£2,170) in the long…

25 08 2021 | 13:50

The methane hunters.

Frackers in America’s largest oil field are letting massive amounts of natural gas spill into the atmosphere. Scientists and activists are trying to find the leaks and get them plugged before they…

25 08 2021 | 13:37

It’s not just CO2. We urgently have to tackle methane emissions

The less-infamous greenhouse gas is also a problem to be reckoned with. Climate experts are sounding the alarm on the role methane emissions play in global warming. Atmospheric concentrations of…

23 08 2021 | 14:14

CEO: AGL will speed up coal plant closures but not likely before 2040

AGL Energy (AGL.AX), Australia’s leading power producer and biggest carbon emitter, expects to speed up plans to shut its coal-fired plants, but the phase-out is unlikely to happen before 2040, Chief…

16 08 2021 | 08:42

Reduce methane or face climate catastrophe, scientists warn

Exclusive: IPCC says gas, produced by farming, shale gas and oil extraction, playing ever-greater role in overheating planet Cutting carbon dioxide is not enough to solve the climate crisis – the…

16 08 2021 | 08:14

Study: Blue hydrogen much worse for climate than natural gas

The government’s plan to replace fossil gas with “blue” hydrogen to help meet its climate targets could backfire after US academics found that it may lead to more emissions than using gas. In some…

17 07 2021 | 11:54

Nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, is on the rise from ocean dead zones

In October 2019, I set sail with a team of scientists aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel John P. Tully in the northeast Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Battling rough seas and…