ice melting

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10 09 2021 | 14:52

Permafrost melting causes landslide in Alaska’s Denali National Park

Park officials say that Pretty Rocks Landslide has made remote road too dangerous for use A landslide caused by melting permafrost has closed the only road in Alaska’s Denali National Park.

09 08 2021 | 15:28

Russian Arctic losing billions of tons of ice due to climate change

As the climate continues to warm, significant ice loss in the Russian Arctic will have clear impacts for sea level rise’. Glaciers and ice caps in parts of the Russian Arctic are losing meltwater…

09 08 2021 | 10:21

8.5 Billion Tonnes of Greenland Ice Melt In One Day

This story includes details about the impacts of climate change that may be difficult for some readers. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this crisis situation here is a list of resources on how to…

03 08 2021 | 10:23

Amount of ice which melted from Greenland on Tuesday ‘would cover Florida in two inches of water’

Greenland ice sheet contains enough water to raise global sea level by seven metres Scientists claim the ice that melted from Greenland on Tuesday would be enough to cover the US state of Florida in…

17 07 2021 | 11:56

Greenland Abandons All Future Oil Exploration, Says

Greenland has decided to drop all future exploration for oil as the government responds to environmental concerns, according to Danish media. Naalakkersuisut, as the island’s government is called, “…

25 06 2021 | 11:50

Glaciers All Over the World Are Shrinking Fast—See for Yourself.

Advances in satellite technology reveal ice masses in Alaska and Asia have lost 4% of their volume in less than a decade. Glaciers in the Gulf of Alaska and in Asia’s High Mountain region are…

18 06 2021 | 09:58

Arctic sea ice thinning twice as fast as thought, study finds.

Less ice means more global heating, a vicious cycle that also leaves the region open to new oil extraction. Sea ice across much of the Arctic is thinning twice as fast as previously thought,…

17 06 2021 | 13:53

Is the climate crisis causing more heatwaves?

Heatwaves are now more intense, more likely and lasting longer. All around the world, people are experiencing more intense heatwaves and scorching temperatures every year. Scientists say there is a…

16 06 2021 | 12:37

Ice Shelf Holding Pine Island Glacier Could Collapse Within a Decade.

The Pine Island Glacier is currently Antarctica's greatest contributor to sea level rise, and, now, a new study warns that it could be closer to collapse than previously thought.

14 06 2021 | 09:58

Arctic coastal sea ice thinning twice as fast than thought.

Research based on ice-thickness data from ESA’s CryoSat and Envisat missions along with a new model of snow has revealed that sea ice in the coastal regions of the Arctic may be thinning twice as…

05 06 2021 | 12:41

‘Mindboggling’ Arctic heatwave breaks records.

‘Profound heatwaves’ in region will be more common, warns meteorologist. A “mind-boggling” heat wave in the Arctic has broken temperature records in north-west Russia,  meteorologists have said.…

26 05 2021 | 08:54

Arctic Warming 3x Faster Than Earth's Average Rate, Study Finds.

Over the past five decades, the Arctic has warmed three times faster than the world as a whole, leading to rapid and widespread melting of ice and other far-reaching consequences that are important…

26 05 2021 | 08:33

The world’s largest iceberg broke off Antarctica’s Renn Ice Shelf. Named A-76, it heads into the Weddell Sea and is 5-times larger than New York city.

An enormous iceberg broke off the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica, moving into the Weddell Sea. It is over 4,300 square kilometers in size and is now the largest iceberg in the world. The iceberg is…

20 05 2021 | 13:35

Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren’t cut quickly.

While U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken draws attention to climate change in the Arctic at meetings with other national officials this week in Iceland, an even greater threat looms on the other…

13 05 2021 | 06:33

Study of nearly every glacier on Earth shows ice loss is speeding up.

Earth's glaciers are shrinking, and in the past 20 years, the rate of shrinkage has steadily sped up, according to a new study of nearly every glacier on the planet.

04 05 2021 | 10:48

Rapid retreat of glaciers leading world towards ‘humanitarian crisis’, says top scientist.

Exclusive: Melt of glaciers in the Himalayas and South America could threaten water supply of hundreds of millions of people, says leading glaciologist Prof Jemma Wadham The rapid retreat of …

04 05 2021 | 10:38

Competition heats up in the melting Arctic, and the US isn’t prepared to counter Russia.

For decades, the frozen Arctic was little more than a footnote in global economic competition, but that’s changing as its ice melts with the warming climate.

27 04 2021 | 09:54

New Study Changes Understanding of How Greenland’s Ice Melts

A new study of Greenland's glacial rivers has important implications for how scientists might model future ice melt and subsequent sea level rise.

27 04 2021 | 09:48

Climate crisis has shifted the Earth’s axis, study shows.

Massive melting of glaciers has tilted the planet’s rotation, showing the impact of human activities The massive melting of glaciers as a result of global heating has caused marked shifts in the…

27 04 2021 | 08:29

Warnings as Alaskan glacier moving 100 times faster than normal.

The glacier’s movement may make traversal to the summit of Denali impossible for climbers this year. An Alaskan glacier has been recorded as moving between 50 and 100 times faster than its previous…