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27 08 2022 | 05:39

UN seeks plan to beat plastic nurdles, the tiny scourges of the oceans

Maritime authorities are considering stricter controls on the ocean transport of billions of plastic pellets known as nurdles after a series of spillages around the world.

11 08 2022 | 14:46

‘Incredibly promising’: the bubble barrier extracting plastic from a Dutch river

Five years ago, Claar-els van Delft began to suspect that plastic waste on the beach at Katwijk in the Netherlands did not come from visitors, or the sea, but from the mouth of a nearby river. “We…

07 08 2022 | 09:03

Mediterranean ecosystem suffering ‘marine wildfire’ as temperatures peak

Parts of the Mediterranean are more than 6C warmer than normal for the time of year, scientists have said, sparking fears that the sea’s fragile ecosystems are suffering the equivalent of a “marine…

02 08 2022 | 11:45

Offshore fish farms: a new wave of food production … or the ‘wild west’ of ocean pollution?

The enclosures stretch the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool, but from above they appear as floating dots scattered across the ocean. Inside, fish mill about as the submerged pens sway to the…

19 07 2022 | 12:13

One deep sea mine could send noise 500km across the ocean – report

Noise pollution from proposed deep-sea mining could radiate through the ocean for hundreds of kilometres, scientists predict, creating a “cylinder of sound” from the surface to the sea bed.

19 07 2022 | 09:07

Shipping’s dirty secret: how ‘scrubbers’ clean the air – while contaminating the sea

In 2019, Alan Ladd, a marine engineer, was on a cruise ship that was slowing down to give passengers a better view of the Hubbard Glacier – the largest tidewater glacier in North America. Briefly…

12 07 2022 | 07:50

AFRICA: 10 start-ups run for the second phase of the Afri-Plastics competition

As part of the second phase of the Afri-Plastics initiative organized by Nesta Challenges, 10 African start-ups have been selected to present their sustainable solutions for plastic waste management…

12 07 2022 | 07:15

AFRICA: Builders Vision and Bloomberg invest $18m for coral reefs

Builders Vision and Bloomberg Philanthropies have committed US$18 million to the Global Coral Reef Fund (GCRF). The announcement was made on 28 June 2022 in Lisbon at the Sustainable Blue Economy…

12 07 2022 | 06:50

US cruise ships using Canada as a ‘toilet bowl’ for polluted waste

Lax Canadian regulations create ‘perverse incentive’ for US cruise ships en route to Alaska to discharge toxic mix of chemicals and wastewater off British Columbia, report says From the comfort of…

03 07 2022 | 16:30

Save our Ocean, Protect our Future

On the second day of the UN Ocean Conference, the Conference continues to ignite fresh impetus for advancing sustainable ocean-based economies and calls for urgent actions on protecting marine and…

01 06 2022 | 09:39

AFRICA: Overexploitation of sand degrades coasts and aquatic biodiversity

Sand must be recognized as a strategic resource. This is the main recommendation of a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which also calls for the development of an…

01 06 2022 | 09:07

Cape Verde’s recycling initiatives face off against global trash

Mindelo, Cape Verde – When the 35 teachers at the Escola de Alto Peixinho high school on the island of Santo Antão gathered there in early March, they were there for a bit of a role-reversal. They…