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31 08 2022 | 11:47

Tory leadership candidates failing on net zero policies, says thinktank

The two Conservative leadership candidates are failing to promise the policies needed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, a right-leaning thinktank has warned, despite a clear need for…

17 08 2022 | 16:02

Oil firms seem more interested in shareholders than net zero

Oil companies are partying like it’s 2008. As during the global financial crisis that took hold that year, economies face the prospect of deep recessions but oil companies are reaping record profits…

01 08 2022 | 00:05

Article 6.4 Supervisory Body Kickstarts Work Anchoring Markets in Broader Paris Context

Delivering a new standard for international carbon markets dedicated to enable enhanced mitigation and adaptation is the intention that members of the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body emphasized at their…

28 07 2022 | 20:54

BEIS approves 8GW of R4 offshore wind leases

The UK Government has given the go-ahead for six fixed-foundation offshore wind projects totalling 8GW to enter Agreement's for Lease with the Crown Estate. In April, following the completion of a…

22 07 2022 | 10:39

The Worst Place in the World to Drill for Oil Is Up for Auction

A vast rainforest stretches for 1,500 miles across central Africa. The mighty Congo River and its tributaries are the main highways into this hard-to-reach region.

12 07 2022 | 07:23

Green Tories fear next party leader could ditch net zero strategy

The next Conservative party leader could be swayed into ditching its net zero strategy in order to receive the backing of climate-sceptic MPs, senior Tories fear. Prominent backbenchers have been …

12 07 2022 | 07:05

Conservatives blame the energy crisis on net zero climate goals – but what is really going on?

A range of factors is behind the rise in electricity prices, but net zero isn’t one of them. Energy markets and electricity systems are complicated beasts at the best of times, but throw in war,…

12 07 2022 | 07:01

I led the US lawsuit against big tobacco for its harmful lies. Big oil is next

In 2005, I was the lead counsel on behalf of the US in one of the biggest corporate accountability legal actions ever filed. That trial proved that the tobacco industry knew it was selling and…

05 07 2022 | 07:50

Green hydrogen is the ultimate answer to high gas prices, climate change, and saber-rattling dictators

WASHINGTON (Project Syndicate)—Human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread environmental disruption and affecting the lives of billions of people around the world. According to…

02 06 2022 | 10:25

Greenhouse gas removal ‘not a silver bullet to achieve net zero’

Many of the UK’s top scientists working on carbon capture technologies do not believe they will be developed and scaled up in time to reach net zero and limit global heating to 1.5C.

31 05 2022 | 10:44

Τι φέρνει το μέλλον για τα χερσαία και υπεράκτια αιολικά πάρκα

Με την κλιματική κρίση να «δείχνει τα δόντια της» με κάθε ευκαιρία, όλος ο κόσμος κινείται, με γοργά ή βραδύτερα βήματα, προς την απεξάρτηση από τον άνθρακα και τα άλλα ορυκτά καύσιμα, ρίχνοντας το…

31 05 2022 | 10:40

Νέα έρευνα: Για άνοδο θερμοκρασίας έως 1,5 βαθμούς Κελσίου απαιτούνται ετησίως 400 GW σε αιολικά και φ/β

Δεν υπάρχει δρόμος για το net-zero στην Ευρώπη μέχρι τα μέσα του αιώνα χωρίς την τεχνολογία δέσμευσης άνθρακα από την ατμόσφαιρα. Αυτή είναι η βασική διαπίστωση μελέτης που διεξήγαγαν ερευνητές από…

14 05 2022 | 06:54

Three steps for Africa to combat climate change

With hopes for countering global warming pinned on progress at the upcoming COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, a new report from the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) (,…

13 05 2022 | 11:05

Tories could lose 1.3m voters if net zero target ditched, says poll

The Conservative party could lose more than 1.3 million voters if the government scraps its net zero target, research suggests.

13 05 2022 | 10:39

Do not use Ukraine war to defer climate goals, warns Mark Carney

The UN climate envoy Mark Carney has warned against deferring emissions reduction targets in reaction to the energy crisis linked to the war in Ukraine, saying it will only require more “radical”…