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08 08 2022 | 07:56

Tiny turtle pooed ‘pure plastic’ for six days after rescue from Sydney beach

A baby green sea turtle rescued from a Sydney beach had eaten so much plastic that it took six days for the contents to be excreted, according to Taronga zoo’s wildlife hospital. The 127-gram…

18 04 2022 | 15:46

Climate change will mean fewer fish to catch in the future, study suggests

Warming of the oceans due to climate change will mean that while the fish caught today will still exist in the future, they will not exist in as many numbers, new research suggests. In this context…

17 09 2021 | 15:47

Scientists Find New Way to Reduce Marine ‘Dead Zones’

Summer in the Gulf of Mexico is a time to celebrate the region's bounty, including its prized shrimp, which are the star of local festivals. But shrimpers this summer found themselves contending with…

03 09 2021 | 14:40

‘It’s outrageous’: Trinidadian fishers film ‘half-hearted’ oil spill clean-up

Hundreds of spills off Gulf of Paria having ‘dire’ impact on local fishing in one of the most biodiverse areas of Trinidad and Tobago. Hands masked in thick black oil, the fisher drips toxic…

26 08 2021 | 07:27

Invasive fish push westward as the Mediterranean Sea slowly becomes tropical

A host of fish species arriving via the Suez canal look set to stay – with perilous consequences for ecosystems

07 08 2021 | 10:51

Evolutionary ‘trap’ leading young sea turtles to ingest plastic, study says

Researchers find fragments in innards of species that have adapted to develop in open ocean, which has highly polluted areas Young marine turtles are swallowing large quantities of plastic, with…

05 07 2021 | 11:06

Plastic rafting: the invasive species hitching a ride on ocean litter

There is now so much ocean plastic that it has become a route for invasive species, threatening native animals with extinction Seascape: the state of our oceans is supported by

05 07 2021 | 10:21

Damaging ‘fly-shooting’ fishing in Channel sparks concerns

Small-scale fishers say mostly EU fleet is devastating catches with method that nets entire shoals of fish. The UK has been accused of allowing a fleet of mainly EU “fly-shooting” fishing boats “…

21 05 2021 | 18:54

More than a handful: A thousand rivers bring plastic into the oceans.

It's not just the big rivers, the small ones also contribute to the problem. The global plastic problem just got more complicated. In a new study, researchers found nearly 80% of the plastic…

29 04 2021 | 14:05

My Octopus Teacher Oscar Win Raises Profile of Unique African Kelp Forest.

My Octopus Teacher, the heartwarming story about a man's friendship with a common octopus, took home the Oscar for best documentary feature Sunday night. The movie brought international attention to…

27 04 2021 | 10:34

Ocean science and technology critical to restore deteriorating global marine environment, warns latest UN assessment.

21 April, New York -- The world is at risk of losing many of the benefits the ocean provides, warns the latest United Nations assessment on the state of the world’s ocean, which was released today,…

20 04 2021 | 09:31

The ocean is becoming more stable – here’s why that might not be a good thing

If you’ve ever been seasick, “stable” may be the last word you associate with the ocean. But as global temperatures rise, the world’s oceans are technically becoming more stable. When scientists…

20 04 2021 | 08:40

Marine Life Is Fleeing the Equator to Cooler Waters – This Could Trigger a Mass Extinction Event

The tropical water at the equator is renowned for having the richest diversity of marine life on Earth, with vibrant coral reefs and large aggregations of tunas, sea turtles, manta rays and whale…

22 03 2021 | 10:28

One of the largest ecosystems on Earth lives beneath the seafloor and eats radiation byproducts.

That's pretty metal! Researchers at the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) Graduate School of Oceanography report that a whole ecosystem of microbes below the sea dines not on sunlight, but on…

03 03 2021 | 10:19

Dozens of dolphins found dead on Mozambique beach.

The bodies of about 100 dead dolphins have been found on an island off the coast of Mozambique. Eighty-six more carcasses were found on Bazaruto Island, north of the capital Maputo, on Tuesday,…

26 02 2021 | 09:45

UK Considers Banning Bottom-Trawlers in Marine Protected Areas.

In a possible victory for UK oceans, four key areas of the seabed off England may soon be off-limits to bottom-trawlers.

25 02 2021 | 07:14

A 10-Step Plan to Save Our Seas.

The year 2050 has been predicted by some to be a bleak year for the ocean. Experts say that by 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the sea, or perhaps only plastic left.

18 02 2021 | 10:21

Researchers rethink life in a cold climate after Antarctic find.

Scientists surprised by marine organisms on boulder on sea floor beneath 900 metres of ice shelf. The accidental discovery of marine organisms on a boulder on the sea floor beneath 900 metres (3,…

03 02 2021 | 10:10

Extraordinary voyage: on the trail of the trillion-tonne runaway iceberg.

Amid fears of huge damage to marine ecosystems from the giant A68a berg, British researchers are setting sail to assess its impact.

03 02 2021 | 08:41

Why are ocean warming records so important?

If we want to understand global heating, we have to examine ocean temperature trends. As if 2020 could get any worse, the latest research showed that oceans hit their highest recorded temperatures,…