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11 08 2022 | 14:54

Low water levels mean Rhine is days from being shut for cargo

Germany’s Rhine, one of Europe’s key waterways, is just days away from being closed to commercial traffic because of very low levels caused by drought, authorities and industry have warned.…

11 08 2022 | 14:46

‘Incredibly promising’: the bubble barrier extracting plastic from a Dutch river

Five years ago, Claar-els van Delft began to suspect that plastic waste on the beach at Katwijk in the Netherlands did not come from visitors, or the sea, but from the mouth of a nearby river. “We…

12 07 2022 | 07:29

Quiet flows the Po: the life and slow death of Italy’s longest river

Italy’s longest river, the Po, was once called the “king of rivers” by Virgil (“fluviorum rex”). It was considered mighty less for its length – it’s only about 400 miles (652 kilometres) long – than…