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28 07 2022 | 21:03

Latest Developments on Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia

The installation of the last connecting piece for the 1.2-kilometre Shura Bridge has successfully been completed. The bridge is a key component of infrastructure that is being developed as part of…

28 07 2022 | 20:12

IEEFA: Puerto Rico regulators fight against solar to benefit bondholders

Bondholders, not residents, are primary concern of Puerto Rico regulators The recently certified fiscal plan for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) underscores once again the…

28 07 2022 | 19:55

Renewable energy brings true blessing and no curse

What you need to know: The problem with fossil fuels is, that they give power to the few who own and control them. Wind, solar and geothermal resources bring true blessing and no curse. Russia’s…

12 07 2022 | 08:29

H Tesla παρουσίασε trailer με φωτοβολταϊκά για αύξηση της αυτονομίας

Η Tesla παρουσίασε μία ακόμη ιδέα για την αύξηση της αυτονομίας των ηλεκτρικών της αυτοκινήτων, ένα trailer με ηλιακά panels και δορυφορική διαδικτυακή σύνδεση μέσω του SpaceX Starlink.

05 07 2022 | 07:24

Why small cooperatives in Portugal produce solar energy

''Not only have we radically reduced our own electricity bills, we also earn around €5,000 ($5,290) a year with the energy that we feed back into the public grid," said Luis Besugo from the aid…