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29 07 2021 | 10:04

Solar deployment likely to top 1-terawatt mark next year, 2TW by 2026

Global solar installations could break the 1-terawatt mark in 2022, industry group SolarPower Europe said in its “Global Market Outlook” on July 21, despite rising raw-material costs that could…

13 07 2021 | 12:28

Solatio announces 810-megawatt solar complex in Brazil.

The Brazilian government officials and representatives from Spanish PV sector player Solatio Energia on Friday inaugurated a solar power complex that will add 810 MWp once fully up and running.…

18 06 2021 | 10:21

Madagascar-based solar computer manufacturer Jirogasy fundraising for growth

The Madagascar-based Jirogasy, which designs, manufactures and assembles solar IoT systems and computers, is fundraising as it plans growth into new markets. Formed by brothers Yann and Lauric Kasay…

02 06 2021 | 18:06

Nextracker Single Axis Tracker in Kenya - Malindi Solar Project

Last month I wrote an article about solar tracker systems. This article is a supplement to that article. One of the manufacturers that was featured in my previous tracker article as a global leader…

21 05 2021 | 18:39

Solar pushback: how US power firms try to make people pay for going green

In states like Kansas, energy companies want to impose charges on people who produce their own power with rooftop arrays. Kevin Good is the president of a small solar power company in Kansas – a…

21 05 2021 | 15:06

Australia rooftop solar reduced grid pressure during heat wave peak

Pressure on the national electricity grid at the peak of last summer’s heat fell to its lowest level in five years due to the rising influence of household solar panels, a new analysis has found.…

21 05 2021 | 11:02

Utilities threatened by transition push back against rooftop solar.

Kevin Good is the president of a small solar power company in Kansas – a state that tends to be so sunny you’d think he’d have it made. “I got into solar at maybe the worst point to do so in the…

21 05 2021 | 10:34

Coal-fired Poland turns toward the sun.

A solar boom is helping Poland take a big step towards weaning itself off coal as a new homegrown photovoltaic technology is poised to be a game-changer in harnessing the power of the sun. Poland…

14 05 2021 | 10:14

Solar Sustainability Best Practices Benchmark.

A new flagship Solar Sustainability Report of SolarPower Europe provides best practices across the entire value Chain.

14 05 2021 | 10:09

My-PV uses PV for thermal building component activation.

Solar company My-PV has developed a solar-power system using thermal building component activation in commercial buildings: An electric underfloor heating system releases excess solar energy as heat…

04 05 2021 | 11:13

Revealed: UK solar projects using panels from firms linked to Xinjiang forced labour

Investigation finds up to 40% of UK solar farms were built using panels from leading Chinese companies. Solar projects commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, the government’s Coal Authority,…

27 04 2021 | 11:24

How solar energy could power Italy without using more land.

An ambitious research effort for integrating photovoltaics into infrastructures and buildings can become a driving force of Italy’s energy transition.

20 04 2021 | 10:54

SA’s Sun Exchange completes $1.4m crowdsale for solar-plus-storage project in Zimbabwe.

South African startup Sun Exchange has completed the crowdsale for a 510 kilowatt solar-plus-storage installation to solar power packhouse and cold store facilities for Zimbabwean agriculture leader…

13 04 2021 | 10:18

Recommended practice for floating solar power projects.

The guideline about recommended practice for floating solar power projects of DNV was developed through collaboration with 24 industry participants DNV published  the world’s first recommended…

01 04 2021 | 09:33

Battery prices fell by 13 percent from 2019.

Battery pack prices cited below $100/kWh for the first time in 2020, while market average sits at $137/kw. Lithium-ion battery pack prices, which were above $1,100 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, have…

29 03 2021 | 11:06

'Dimming the sun': $100m geoengineering research programme proposed.

All options to fight climate crisis must be explored, says national academy, but critics fear side-effects. The US should establish a multimillion-dollar research programme on solar geoengineering,…

24 03 2021 | 12:44

Scientists Want to Build a Solar-Powered Ark on the Moon to Protect Earth Species.

Scientists at the University of Arizona have proposed a literal conservation moonshot. The plan? A solar-powered ark containing seed, spore, sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million Earth species, to…

03 03 2021 | 11:19

Solar power satellites that could beam energy to anywhere on Earth successfully tested by Pentagon scientists.

The most far-reaching application of power beaming technology is the ‘continuous transfer of boundless electrical power to the Earth,’ study states. A solar panel capable of beaming electricity to…

15 02 2021 | 11:35

Sun-Blocking nanomaterial offers ‘magic’ way to cool buildings without electricity.

Researchers have developed an electricity-free method to cool buildings while simultaneously trapping the sun's heat for future use. A team from the University at Buffalo were able to turbo charge a…

26 01 2021 | 11:39

Cheaper solar power means low-income families can also benefit – with the right kind of help.

Until recently, rooftop solar panels were a clean energy technology that only wealthy Americans could afford. But prices have dropped, thanks mostly to falling costs for hardware, as well as price…