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18 05 2022 | 18:27

The limits of forest carbon sequestration

Although nations are grappling with reducing carbon emissions to minimize climate change risks, they actually need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere if the goal is to keep warming to…

24 11 2021 | 15:41

More than a thousand trees to be planted in north Northamptonshire

More than 1,000 trees are due to be planted across North Northamptonshire after the local council secured a grant to fund their purchase and upkeep. The money from the Local Authority Treescape Fund…

21 10 2021 | 12:23

Climate crisis: what can trees really do for us?

By the power of sunlight, forests turn huge amounts of carbon in the air into food: sugars for themselves and leaves, bark and roots that feed animals and microbes. Respiration, which happens in the…

01 10 2021 | 12:18

Dead Forests Are Dangerous for the Planet — Here’s Why

Worldwide, dead and decaying wood releases roughly 10.9 gigatons of carbon every year. This is roughly 115% of annual fossil fuel emissions, a new study shows. The research, published in Nature, is…

17 09 2021 | 15:41

The Guardian view on saving forests: when trees are at risk, so are we.

Plantations are no replacement for biodiverse forests that have evolved over thousands of years.

03 09 2021 | 15:08

Planting forests could cool Earth’s atmosphere more than previously thought

‘Planting trees over large areas is advantageous and should be done for climate purposes,’ professor says Planting forests could cool the Earth’s atmosphere more than previously thought, a study…

26 08 2021 | 07:36

From 1m trees to a tree graveyard: how Dubai’s conservation plans went awry

Hundreds of thousands of trees have died after costly real estate projects thwarted attempts to halt desertification It all began so beautifully, with the ruler of Dubai photographed planting the…

07 08 2021 | 10:45

Reforestation hopes threaten global food security, Oxfam warns

Over-reliance on tree-planting to offset carbon emissions could push food prices up 80% by 2050 Governments and businesses hoping to plant trees and restore forests in order to reach net-zero…

17 07 2021 | 11:44

Reforesting Europe would increase rainfall – new research

“Plant more trees” is often the first idea that comes to mind when we think about how to prevent further climate change or at least adapt to its impacts. There are good reasons for this. Multiple…

05 07 2021 | 11:21

Trees are dying of thirst in the Western drought – here’s what’s going on inside their veins

Like humans, trees need water to survive on hot, dry days, and they can survive for only short times under extreme heat and dry conditions. During prolonged droughts and extreme heat waves like the…

17 06 2021 | 11:30

Axa Will Stop Investing in Firms Linked to Deforestation, Biodiversity Loss

The Paris-based company says it will engage more with companies to push them to be more sustainable. AXA SA’s investment management arm will stop investing in companies that contribute to…

30 05 2021 | 16:22

Trials to suck carbon dioxide from the air to start across the UK.

A major £30m project will test trees, peat, rock chips, and charcoal as ways of removing climate-heating emissions Climate-heating carbon dioxide will be sucked from the air using trees, peat, rock…

20 04 2021 | 10:10

Saudi Arabia ‘to plant 10 billion trees’ in bid to tackle climate change.

Green plan unveiled as part of plan to overcome Saudi Arabia’s economic reliance on oil. Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil producers, has announced ambitious proposals for a “green…

07 03 2021 | 07:43

Why keeping one mature street tree is far better for humans and nature than planting lots of new ones.

The net ecosystem service of an urban tree is worth thousands of dollars. Thanks to Victorian street planners, many British streets were designed to be full of big trees and, with 84% of the…

26 02 2021 | 11:35

Keeping trees in the ground where they are already growing is an effective low-tech way to slow climate change.

Protecting forests is an essential strategy in the fight against climate change that has not received the attention it deserves. Trees capture and store massive amounts of carbon. And unlike some…

26 02 2021 | 09:47

Lloyds Banking Group on its way to planting 10 million trees by 2030.

Lloyds Banking Group has announced the first 1 million of 10 million trees have been planted across the UK in partnership with the Woodland Trust. As part of its ambition to help finance a green…

26 02 2021 | 08:40

Experts identify 'super-plant' that absorbs roadside air pollution.

Bushy variety of cotoneaster works best in areas of heavy traffic, say researchers, while other plants can cool buildings or reduce flooding. Bushy, hairy-leafed cotoneaster is a “super plant” that…

26 02 2021 | 08:28

Digging in: a million trees planted as villages and schools join climate battle.

Community forest projects have seen a surge in volunteers keen to reduce CO2 emissions by creating new woodlands. The UK may be in the grip of a winter lockdown but in one village on the edge of the…

17 02 2021 | 09:04

Are Forests Carbon Sinks or Carbon Sources?

Forests are an important asset in the fight against climate change. New research has found that they sequester around twice as much carbon dioxide as they emit, classifying them as a carbon sink…

16 02 2021 | 10:02

From tree planting to CO2-sucking machines: How could ‘negative emissions’ help to tackle the climate crisis?

Removing CO2 from air will likely be needed if the world is to meet its climate goals, writes Daisy Dunne, but our options for achieving ‘negative emissions’ each come with a unique set of challenges.