❗Emissions Still Rising, ‘Carbon Bombs’ Risk Another 86B Tonnes, as COP28 Talks Flooded by Fossil Lobbyists

World Races Toward ‘Disastrous’ Climate Tipping Points, as Positive Change Also Accelerates

With five “disastrous” tipping points in the natural world at risk of being crossed right now, governments must urgently act to avoid “catastrophic damage,” say researchers who identified 26 such points of no return in a world racing towards exceeding the 1.5°C warming limit

COP Global Stocktake Will ‘Make or Break 1.5°C’, Advocates Warn, as Negotiations Bog Down

One of the most technical but most important aspects of international negotiations at the United Nations climate summit in Dubai was reportedly bogging down this week, after the COP28 secretariat published a 24-page document on the Global Stocktake (GST) that did little or nothing to guide countries toward a set of action items they could agree on.

Fossil Fuel Phaseout Must Only Be Done Fairly: Athanasiou

The science is clear—the 1.5°C target is only achievable if we stop burning fossil fuels. The political reality is also clear—we’re only going to do so if we stop drilling and mining them out of the ground in the first place. Finally, the practical reality is clear—we’re only going to stop this extraction if we do so in a manner that is very widely accepted as fair.

‘Really Wise Decision’ as Ottawa, Nova Scotia Turn Down Offshore Oil Proposal

A coalition of environmental and community groups is applauding a decision by the Nova Scotia and federal governments to deny a C$1.5-million bid to relaunch oil and gas exploration in the waters off the province.