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24 04 2023 | 19:31

Campaigners hail ‘historic’ day as Parliament adopts EU anti-deforestation law

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday (19 April) in favour of a landmark regulation to ensure that products sold in the EU do not come from deforested or degraded land. 

24 04 2023 | 07:07

'Modularising floating wind and green H2 can power a more democratic energy transition'

Creating a 'just transition' as the world moves from fossil fuels to renewables could be supercharged by the marriage of deepwater wind and green hydrogen generation, writes Anne Haase

20 04 2023 | 15:21

CAMEROON: Faced with urban congestion, Yaoundé plans Bus Rapid Transit

While the populations of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania or Johannesburg in South Africa use the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on a daily basis, Cameroon is waiting for the launch of its "Trans-Yaoundé" project…

19 04 2023 | 12:20

China's new coal plant approvals surge in 2022, highest since 2015, new research shows

Last year, China approved the construction of another 106 gigawatts of coal-fired power capacity, the equivalent of two large coal power plants per week and its highest in seven years, new research…

18 04 2023 | 18:18

Europe’s green hydrogen rush risks energy ‘cannibalisation’ in Africa, analysts say

Europe’s green hydrogen plans have set off a race among developing nations, particularly in Africa, to become the bloc’s first suppliers, risking energy needs among their own populations. EURACTIV’s…

18 04 2023 | 18:04

G7 ministers set big new targets for solar and wind capacity

The Group of Seven rich nations on Sunday (16 April) set big new collective targets for solar power and offshore wind capacity, agreeing to speed up renewable energy development and move toward a…

02 04 2023 | 09:33

IVORY COAST: UAE-based Masdar negotiates 70 MWp solar photovoltaic plant

The energy company Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company) based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed an agreement with the Ivorian authorities. Objective: to study the possibility of…

02 04 2023 | 09:31

MOZAMBIQUE: Stockholm commits $19m for resilience to climate shocks

Sweden is providing $19 million in funding to support people's resilience to climate shocks in Mozambique. The funding, which will be released over five years, supports a project implemented with…

02 04 2023 | 09:28

SOUTH AFRICA: Vestas wins 373 MW order for three wind farms

Danish company Vestas Wind Systems will install the wind turbines for the Brandvalley, Rietkloof and Wolf wind farms in South Africa. The order is placed by Cape Town, South Africa-based independent…

02 04 2023 | 09:20

AFRICA: DPA to Provide 12MW of Solar Power to Adac’s Data Centres

A partnership has just been signed between DPA Southern Africa (DPA SA) and Africa Data Centre (ADAC). The agreement covers the supply of 12 MW of solar photovoltaic energy to power Adac's data…

02 04 2023 | 08:38

AFRICA: BII injects €20m into Meridiam’s urban climate resilience fund

In response to population growth and climate change affecting several African cities, British International Investment (BII), the UK's development finance institution, is injecting €20 million into…

02 04 2023 | 08:35

NIGERIA: UEF to subsidise solarisation of 3,500 small businesses

The Universal Energy Facility (UEF) will provide performance-based grants to several solar energy providers in Nigeria. They will connect at least 3,500 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to…

02 04 2023 | 08:27

KENYA: Finnfund sells its stake in the 310 MW Lake Turkana wind farm

The Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation (Finnfund) is selling its shares in Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP), the special purpose company that operates the 310 MW Lake Turkana wind farm. It is the…

02 04 2023 | 08:25

Energy access: despite mobilized funding, Africa still lags behind

As decision-makers, professionals and development finance institutions gather in Abidjan this Tuesday, March 21, 2023 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast for the Energy Access Investment Forum (EAIF), AFRIK 21…

02 04 2023 | 08:22

AFRICA: AfDB Accelerates Green Bonds for Green Energy Access

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is issuing a green bond on the capital market in Australia. Objectives: to finance the deployment of renewable energy in Africa. This transaction is concluded…

02 04 2023 | 08:11

“Access to electricity in Africa requires the pooling of skills”

In terms of access to electricity, the difficulties are immense in Africa, especially access to financing. This issue was at the heart of the Energy Access Investment Forum (EAIF) which has just…

02 04 2023 | 07:58

Ivory Coast: 33 health centres in Abidjan equipped for medical waste management

While 15% of hospital waste is considered infectious and toxic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the authorities in Ivory Coast are equipping 33 health centres in Abidjan with kits to improve…

02 04 2023 | 07:52

WEST AFRICA: Swiss researchers prepare the digitization of 4 cities

From September 2024, a research group from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne will travel to Abidjan in Ivory Coast as part of the "Digital Solutions for the Sustainable City in…

02 04 2023 | 07:44

ETHIOPIA: Digital technology will strengthen water services for 10 million people

A partnership between private company Nedamco Africa, and the Ethiopian and Dutch governments, the Nedamco Africa SDG6 Water Management Initiative is being launched in Ethiopia. The initiative…

02 04 2023 | 07:31

GHANA: CIF grants $28 million for electrification via solar mini-grids

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has approved $28.49 million in financing for Ghana. The funding is intended to support electrification via off-grid solar systems…