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10 08 2020 | 07:20

Digitalisation and Africa's renewable energy sector post-Covid.

Rapid progression in increasingly more affordable storage technologies has enabled renewable energy units to become progressively more reliable. On account of their decentralised nature, renewable…

10 08 2020 | 07:00

GREENPEACE AFRICA: Activism is a risky business

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10 08 2020 | 06:50

Kenya: As wildebeest migrate, COVID-19 keeps tourists at bay.

In Kenya's Maasai Mara game reserve, livelihoods are suffering as coronavirus guts tourism. Maasai Mara, Kenya - You have to wake up at dawn to catch the sun rising while having breakfast in the…

06 08 2020 | 07:37

South Africa’s coal-dependent state utility seeking bids for first battery storage project.

South Africa’s state-owned power utility, which relies on coal to generate most of the nation’s electricity, issued a request for bids to build its first battery-energy storage system, according to a…

05 08 2020 | 08:11

Meet the Woman Making Bamboo Bikes in Ghana.

Bernice Dapaah calls bamboo "a miracle plant," because it grows so fast and absorbs carbon. But it can also work wonders for children's education and women's employment – as she's discovered. Bamboo…

04 08 2020 | 06:57

Cameroon’s President has just signed the death sentence for gorillas.

Protect Ebo forest, stop destruction NOW

04 08 2020 | 06:13

Botswana plans more coal-fired power as African solar accelerates

An African economic leader like Botswana should embrace solar to reduce subsidies and tariff hikes. As Sub-Saharan solar ambition has scaled up, Botswana has awarded its first ever power generation…

23 07 2020 | 19:21

The most important renewable energy project in Africa in 2019, with Safiatou Alzouma Nouhou, GSR2020.

Discover what makes the Benban Solar Park special. And why it should inspire other African countries.       10 July 2020 REN21

23 07 2020 | 19:16

Kenya: Sh10bn needed to power idle medical kits.

The Ministry of Energy requires more than Sh10 billion to connect or upgrade electricity connectivity to all Level 2 to Level 5 hospitals for the leased medical equipment service (MES). Under the…

23 07 2020 | 19:06

Guest post: Why Africa’s heatwaves are a forgotten impact of climate change.

Recent summers have demonstrated dramatically that heatwaves are not only deadly, but they are already being influenced by human-induced climate change.

23 07 2020 | 19:05

Weatherwatch: the Gambia's pleasant subtropical climate.

Tiny west African country enjoys warm temperatures, which are cooler on its tourist-filled coast. As the smallest country on the African mainland – just 30 miles (50km) across at its widest point,…

12 07 2020 | 08:15

Desert greenery.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (WDCD). Under its theme ‘Let’s grow the future together,’ the initiative celebrates the 25 years of progress made…

12 07 2020 | 08:13

Scientists put forward plan to create universal species list.

A plan to create the first universally recognised list of species on Earth has prompted hopes of an end to centuries of disagreement and confusion over how to classify the world’s library of life.…

12 07 2020 | 07:52

How Botswana's Sudden Elephant Deaths Impact the Species.

When an elephant dies in the wild, it's not uncommon to later find its bones scattered throughout the surrounding landscape.   That's one way you can tell other elephants have passed through the…

12 07 2020 | 07:43

Namibia's last wild horses face a perilous future.

It's still debated exactly how the Namibian desert became home to a herd of wild horses. One theory is that diamond prospectors brought horses more than a century ago to since-abandoned mining…

08 07 2020 | 07:49

African nations urged to push energy transition.

As countries continue to rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic, Sustainable Energy for All, an international organization working to ensure access to sustainable energy worldwide, has highlighted key…

07 07 2020 | 08:27

Heatwaves have become longer in most of the world since 1950s – study.

Frequency of heatwaves and cumulative intensity has risen through the decades, research finds. Heatwaves have increased in both length and frequency in nearly every part of the world since the 1950s…

04 07 2020 | 10:40

Hundreds of elephants dead in mysterious mass die-off.

Botswana’s government is yet to test the remains of the dead animals in what has been described as a ‘conservation disaster’ More than 350 elephants have died in northern Botswana in a mysterious…

04 07 2020 | 10:38

Getting closer to a much better count of Africa’s lions.

African lions are one of the world’s favourite animals. But their numbers have been shrinking over the past century, especially over the past 30 years. Some scientists estimate that their numbers…