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14 06 2022 | 09:27

In a massive Chinese sinkhole, scientists find a secret forest

At the bottom of a sinkhole, ancient trees stretch nearly 130 feet high. Dense plants cover the ground, and a rare type of bamboo grows. Cave explorers discovered the hidden forest this month when…

08 06 2022 | 07:10

Slow water: can we tame urban floods by going with the flow?

After epic floods in India, South Africa, Germany, 

08 06 2022 | 06:35

Activists hail Biden’s use of security powers to boost clean energy

Environmental groups have welcomed Joe Biden’s invoking of national security powers to rapidly expand the production of clean energy technology as a significant advance in the effort to curb…

13 05 2022 | 12:41

Trump inquired if China could make hurricanes to harm US, ex-officials say

As president, Donald Trump repeatedly asked aides if China could be manufacturing hurricanes and sending them to damage the United States, three unnamed former senior officials told Rolling Stone on…

28 04 2022 | 13:04

IEEFA: China’s current focus on coal is distinct from long-term goals

Fears that China’s immediate focus on thermal power security has altered its long-term energy transition are unfounded At a recent hearing on “China’s Energy Plans and Practices” held by the US…

28 04 2022 | 12:55

Wind power in China’s Sichuan province reduces CO2 pollution every year

The Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture was home to Sichuan’s first ever wind power base in 2011, and it is now the largest one in Southwestern China. Zheng Songwu has this report. Nobody had…

28 04 2022 | 12:49

Too many new coal-fired plants planned for 1.5C climate goal, report concludes

The number of coal-fired power plants under development around the world fell last year, but far too much coal is still being burned and too many new coal-fired power plants are planned for the world…

18 04 2022 | 16:29

China-Africa collaboration boosts Africa's green energy development

Addis Ababa - After nine years of construction, the first unit of the China-built Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Station in Nigeria was put into operation in late March, with the other three units…

04 12 2021 | 09:12

China creates vast research infrastructure to support ambitious climate goals

Carbon-neutrality institutes, and other initiatives to support a pledge to achieve net zero by 2060, are popping up like mushrooms across China. China, the world’s top carbon emitter, has for the…

28 11 2021 | 07:08

Coal: why China and India aren’t the climate villains of COP26

The Glasgow Climate Pact urges countries to “accelerate efforts towards phasing down”, rather than “phasing out”, coal power that isn’t mitigated by carbon capture and storage. This subtle change to…

19 11 2021 | 12:17

Indonesia’s excess coal power capacity and PLN’s debt burden are blocking their decarbonization pathway

Financial giants Japan and China can play a critical role in Indonesia’s green energy transition 18 November (IEEFA Indonesia): Japanese and Chinese investors combined have a 41% ownership interest…

11 11 2021 | 15:14

US and China announce surprise climate agreement – video

The United States and China, the world's two largest emitters of carbon dioxide, unveiled a deal to ramp up cooperation tackling the climate crisis. US climate envoy John Kerry and his Chinese…

11 11 2021 | 14:19

‘It’s alarming’: intense rainfall and extreme weather become the norm in northern China

Meteorologists link such weather patterns to the climate crisis, which exacerbates the frequency and severity of climatic extremes and variations The unusual rains began to fall in Shanxi on 3…

04 11 2021 | 14:53

Xi Jinping makes no major climate pledges in written Cop26 address

President of China, world’s worst emissions source, calls for more support for developing countries. China’s president, Xi Jinping, has called on developed countries to “provide support to help…

03 11 2021 | 14:36

China says fund for poorest countries 'biggest obstacle' in climate talks

BEIJING: Establishing a fund to help poor countries tackle climate change will be "the biggest obstacle" during United Nations talks to try to curb global warming that begin in Glasgow on Oct 31, a…

30 10 2021 | 09:44

China, India and Brazil must set out their plans to cut emissions

An insider says keeping temperatures within 1.5C above pre-industrial levels rests with big developing countries in G20

27 10 2021 | 14:36

China pledges 80% fossil fuel reduction use by 2060

China is targeting a clean energy goal of reducing fossil fuel use to below 20% by 2060, according to an official plan published by state media. The cabinet document, released on Sunday, follows a…

22 10 2021 | 09:59

Hong Kong to invest about 30.8 bln USD on climate change mitigation in next 15 to 20 years

HONG KONG, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has announced it will invest about 240 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 30.8 billion U.S. dollars)…

22 10 2021 | 09:54

Government announces Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2050

The Government today (October 8) announced Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2050, setting out the vision of "Zero-carbon Emissions‧Liveable City‧Sustainable Development", and outlining the strategies…