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17 08 2022 | 16:07

Climate activists in Italy glue themselves to Botticelli painting

Environmental protesters have glued themselves to the glass protecting Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera which is on display at an art gallery in Florence.

17 08 2022 | 15:55

Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe. But we can stop it

Gondola trips are a traditional part of visiting Venice for those who can afford the steep tourist prices, but I went a little off-script on a recent visit and chose a different, but equally iconic,…

12 07 2022 | 07:13

Just Stop Oil campaigners glue themselves to Da Vinci copy in Royal Academy

Five supporters of the Just Stop Oil coalition have glued themselves to a 500-year-old depiction of The Last Supper in London’s Royal Academy, the fifth time in a week that it has disrupted a major…

08 06 2022 | 07:21

‘We need something real’: the Russian climate activist taking on Putin’s war

Arshak Makichyan made a name for himself as Russia’s ‘lone climate activist’, protesting for change in a country where oil and gas exports have propped up the country’s economy for decades.

18 05 2022 | 19:05

The kids are not ok

Today I went to give a climate talk at my old high school in Geneva — and was given a masterclass in our failings. This is the story of a day that shook me up.

10 05 2022 | 07:44

Incredibly, current climate pledges could keep heating below 2C – but our work isn’t over

The climate crisis is often seen in binary terms. Precise temperature targets – limiting global heating to 1.5C or 2C – imply decisive moments of victory or loss. Headlines warn that we have only “12…

28 11 2021 | 08:54

Activists take court action against Boris Johnson over climate crisis

Three people claim government is breaching right to life and family life by not doing what is needed to prevent disaster Three young people are taking legal action against the prime minister,…

22 11 2021 | 15:07

More than 120 people arrested after climate protesters block bridge in central London

Activists raised placards reading ‘betrayed by my government’ and ‘COP has failed’ Police have arrested 120 people in the past week after climate activists blocked major bridges linking central and…

17 11 2021 | 14:22

Blockade Australia: anti-coal activists vow more disruption despite warnings of 25-year jail sentences

Climate activists have used their bodies, rope and glue as part of ‘destructive action’ to block part of the coal supply chain in the Hunter. Two climate activists shut down activity at the world’s…

14 11 2021 | 09:30

Greta and Malala: why photos of Thunberg are a flicker of light in a dark, dark world

The planet is a mess and it is easy to despair. But seeing Thunberg with other inspirational figures offers a glimpse of hope. To quote George Harrison, it’s been a long and lonely winter. The world…

12 11 2021 | 10:56

'This is a circus': a day at Cop26 with a climate activist – video

World leaders, big business and international delegations have converged on the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow promising to tackle global heating. But outside the closed negotiation doors,…

10 11 2021 | 14:11

New Zealand students sue energy minister over oil and gas permits decision

Lawsuit is the second major legal challenge to climate policy in New Zealand this year A group of law students have filed a lawsuit at Wellington’s high court against New Zealand’s minister of…

08 11 2021 | 14:00

Climate protests: fury, and optimism, in the Glasgow rain

As Cop26 reached halfway stage, rallies were held around the world, with actor Idris Elba among those calling for African voices to be central to public debate Tens of thousands of protesters took…

03 11 2021 | 16:10

'Shame on You!': Climate Activists Confront World Leaders at Lavish COP26 Dinner

Chanting "shame on you," activists rallied amid a heavy police presence Monday evening outside a swanky reception for world leaders and others attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference…

03 11 2021 | 14:19

They would walk 500 miles: meet the Cop26 pilgrims who got to Glasgow on foot

Accompanied by songs, stories and a stash of lentils, a group trekked from London, connecting with their faith, the countryside and the people they met along the way. While most delegates deliberate…

01 11 2021 | 15:23

Call for world leaders to ‘banish ghosts of past’ with Cop26 climate vows

Conference president, Alok Sharma, says countries must agree on how to tackle crisis Alok Sharma, the president of the Cop26 climate summit, has called on global leaders to “banish ghosts of the…

28 10 2021 | 07:34

Hong Kong’s 11-year-old climate activist on a mission to urge adults help save future generations

  Lance Lau Hin-yi is an 11-year-old Hong Kong schoolboy who has spent nearly every Friday standing outside the gate of his school before class, raising awareness about climate change. He says he…

08 10 2021 | 09:26

‘Greta is right’: climate pledges must be matched by action, say Mars executives

The company will tie executive pay to emissions reduction and eliminate deforestation through its supply chain The chief executive of Mars, one of the world’s largest consumer products companies,…

24 09 2021 | 13:49

Climate strikes: We’ll take to streets because leaders ‘don’t care about future’, says Greta Thunberg

Young people will protest in more than 1,000 locations across the world on Friday to demand faster action on the climate crisis. Young people across the world will return to the streets this Friday…