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19 07 2022 | 12:09

Labor backing fossil fuel projects could scupper Greens support for 43% target

The Greens leader, Adam Bandt, says the party’s support for the government’s climate legislation may hinge on whether it continues to back new fossil fuel projects, vowing to push Labor to go “…

10 05 2022 | 08:24

Jamie Raskin on the climate crisis: ‘We’ve got to save democracy in order to save our species’

Progressive congressman from Maryland believes that no other crisis, even the existential threat of the changing climate, can be solved without first protecting the fabric of American democracy.…

21 04 2022 | 08:12

War in Ukraine poses environmental risk now and in the future, advocates say

As Russian forces bombard communities across Ukraine, the nation’s once-vibrant ecosystems are becoming scorched and scarred, rewinding decades of conservation work, according to Ukrainian climate…

21 04 2022 | 08:01

Energy Citizenship – A new dimension in Energy Policy Making

Now is the right time to re-design the way we assess energy progress. Bringing together people from all layers of the energy ecosystem is vital to keep moving forward together within these multiple…

19 12 2020 | 10:39

Steep carbon credit price rise for increased EU climate goal.

EU leaders have confirmed an increased greenhouse gas emissions target by 2030. A higher carbon credit price is crucial to reach that goal.

12 07 2020 | 08:32

Stop making sense: why it's time to get emotional about climate change.

It took me much longer than it should have to realise that educating people about climate change science was not enough. Due perhaps to my personality type (highly rational, don’t talk to me about…

01 06 2020 | 07:44

European Commission’s €1.85 trillion pandemic recovery plan stresses green infrastructure.

A sweeping €1.85tr stimulus strategy to rebuild Europe’s economy from the wreckage of the coronavirus crisis has been unveiled by the European Commission today, promising a green infrastructure…

31 05 2020 | 07:44

Corporations Don't Have to Pay Pollution Fines During COVID-19.

Corporations that flouted environmental regulations and spewed pollutants into the air and dumped them into waterways will not be required to pay the fines they agreed to during the pandemic,…

27 05 2020 | 10:19

EU climate neutrality is essential, or recovery will be short-lived.

A growing number of businesses have recognised the economic benefits of the transition to a carbon neutral economy. It is now critically important that Europe commits to strengthening the Green Deal…

11 05 2020 | 07:35

Green Deal will be ‘our motor for the recovery’, von der Leyen says.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen promised on Tuesday (28 April) to put the European Green Deal at the centre of the EU’s recovery plan, echoing similar statements made by German…

13 04 2020 | 07:34

‘We won’t slow down’ on climate: EU reacts to COP26 postponement.

The European Commission “took note” of the UK’s announcement to postpone this year’s UN climate summit but stressed its “strong commitment” to the global climate agenda, as nations grapple with the…

01 03 2020 | 12:25

Cruise ships dumped more than 3 million pounds of trash in Juneau last year.

During the 2019 summer tourism season, cruise ship companies dumped more than 3 million pounds of trash at Juneau’s private landfill. That’s a concern to some in the community, especially since the…

23 02 2020 | 11:27

'There are no excuses left': why climate science deniers are running out of rope.

Guardian environment correspondent Fiona Harvey recalls being heckled at the House of Commons and explains how attitudes to climate have shifted in 10 years The shouted words rang out across the…

17 01 2020 | 07:59

Egypt- Electricity Ministry considers adding renewable energy offers to its 2035 Strategy.

The Ministry of Electricity studies adding bids of private companies to establish renewable energy plants to its 2035 Strategy which aims to produce about 47% of Egypt's total energy from renewable…

13 01 2020 | 10:09

Double the Share of Renewables in the ‘Decade of Action’ to Achieve Energy Transition Objectives.

USD 10 trillion of fossil fuel investment must be redirected towards energy transformation by 2030

13 01 2020 | 10:02

150 Countries Begin Discussions on Energy Transformation at 10th IRENA Assembly.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates — The 10th Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) got underway this morning, bringing together decision makers from 150 countries.

08 01 2020 | 14:28

Fossil fuel political giving outdistances renewables 13 to one.

During the latest midterm election cycle, the fossil fuel industry paid at least $359 million for federal campaign donations and lobbying. Corporations, special interest groups, and individuals…

30 11 2019 | 10:50

The climate crisis leaders' debate: what did we learn?

How did the leaders of the main parties, minus Boris Johnson, address the biggest issue of our times? Four writers respond Zoe Williams:It showed the insufficiency of politics in the face of this…

19 11 2019 | 06:17

Denmark calls for EU plan to phase out diesel and petrol cars.

Denmark, backed by 10 other European Union countries, on Friday (4 October 2019) called for a strategy to phase out diesel and petrol cars, including allowing the ban of sales at national-level by…

19 11 2019 | 06:04

How do the parties propose to tackle the climate crisis?

Election contenders have been setting out plans to win over voters concerned about the environment. Labour Labour’s “green new deal” – or “green industrial revolution” – puts a radical…