climate responsibility

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04 12 2021 | 09:07

Decarbonising infrastructure: accelerating our transition to a net-zero world

About this report The success of carbon management is dependent on industry-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing. With this goal, for nine years now, we have been running our annual…

28 11 2021 | 08:22

British people more concerned about climate change than the pandemic, poll shows

Concern for climate change at highest level since records began Climate change is the biggest issue of concern for the British public, a new poll has found, scoring higher than the pandemic, Brexit…

28 11 2021 | 08:18

More U.S. Residents Than Ever Before Understand Climate Crisis is Real and Dangerous

People in the U.S. are taking the climate crisis more seriously than ever before, a new survey indicates.

28 11 2021 | 08:04

John Lewis Partnership and Hubbub launch £1 million Circular Future Fund

The fund seeks to support trail-blazing solutions to rethink waste and develop a new business model. The Circular Future Fund will provide grants of between £150,000 to £300,000 for projects that re…

22 11 2021 | 16:40

Scotland to enforce ban on single-use plastic items from June 2022

Scotland will be the first UK nation to pursue this ban on some of the most problematic plastic products. Legislation has been put in place to ensure Scotland’s use of various plastic items will be…

22 11 2021 | 15:07

More than 120 people arrested after climate protesters block bridge in central London

Activists raised placards reading ‘betrayed by my government’ and ‘COP has failed’ Police have arrested 120 people in the past week after climate activists blocked major bridges linking central and…

21 11 2021 | 11:14

U.S.: Proposed gas plants found unnecessary and inconsistent with New York climate law

State regulator rejects gas owners’ vague promises of shift to non-fossil fuels as “aspirational” A New York state environmental agency recently saved electricity ratepayers millions of dollars by…

21 11 2021 | 11:07

Op-Ed: The failure at Glasgow and what needs to happen next

The one thing the climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, made clear is that human society remains in business-as-usual mode, with no meaningful curb on fossil fuel use. The soft pledges made at COP26…

19 11 2021 | 15:46

An environmental sociologist explains how permaculture offers a path to climate justice

Big farming is both a victim of climate change and a contributor. Droughts, floods and soil degradation threaten crop yields. But agriculture produces nearly one-quarter of global greenhouse gas…

19 11 2021 | 15:18

How workers unknowingly fund the climate crisis with their pensions

As fossil fuels become more volatile, pensioners may be exposed to greater risk unless their funds divest.

17 11 2021 | 18:19

Leading climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe: ‘You have the ability to use your voice’

Hayhoe says people can use their roles in their workplaces and communities to act on the climate crisis Katharine Hayhoe has wrestled with her climate footprint. The climate scientist, who is now…

17 11 2021 | 18:16

The man turning cities into giant sponges to embrace floods

Yu Kongjian can remember the day he nearly died in the river. Swollen with rain, the White Sand Creek had flooded the rice terraces in Yu's farming commune in China. Yu, just 10 then, ran excitedly…

17 11 2021 | 18:05

These smokeless, energy-efficient stoves are saving lives and trees

A clutch of university degrees could have led to a cosy job in Paris. Instead, Ermann Zannou decided he could do more by living closer to the country of his birth, Benin. So he set up Green Ker in…

16 11 2021 | 11:03

How green was the COP26 climate summit?

If you are going to host a world summit on climate change then it really should attempt to be green as possible. The UK government says it is committed to making the event "carbon neutral" but a new…

12 11 2021 | 10:56

'This is a circus': a day at Cop26 with a climate activist – video

World leaders, big business and international delegations have converged on the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow promising to tackle global heating. But outside the closed negotiation doors,…

11 11 2021 | 15:29

Youth activists petition UN to declare ‘systemwide climate emergency’

Exclusive: Greta Thunberg among young people filing legal suit for climate crisis to be declared a global level 3 emergency Greta Thunberg and youth climate activists from around the world are…

11 11 2021 | 08:41

What happened at Cop26 – DAY NINE at a glance

Summary of the main developments on the ninth day of the UN climate summit in Glasgow The world’s most respected climate analysis coalition, the Climate Action Tracker (Cat), announced that…

10 11 2021 | 13:58

Donors pledge $413 million to help most vulnerable cope with climate crisis

In a show of support for those most at risk from climate change, 12 donor governments have pledged $413 million in new funding for the Least Developed Countries Fund during the COP26 climate summit…