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11 08 2020 | 06:51

India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields.

Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘self-reliant India’ comes at a terrible price for its indigenous population. Over the past decade, Umeshwar Singh Amra has witnessed his homeland descend into a…

11 08 2020 | 06:08

Coronavirus: Disposable face masks creating new plastic pollution crisis, experts warn.

UK volunteers have seen a "massive" rise in the amount of single use masks discarded on beaches, high streets, canals and rivers. Single use personal protective equipment (PPE) is significantly…

11 08 2020 | 06:06

Oil spill off Mauritius is visible from space.

The Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius is on the brink of an environmental catastrophe after a bulk carrier struck a coral reef off its coast in late July, an accident that has led to a large…

10 08 2020 | 08:06

Mothballing of Petra Nova carbon capture project shows likely fate of other coal-fired CCS initiatives.

Red flags for investors - risks for Enchant Energy’s initiative in New Mexico and Project Tundra in North Dakota. August 3, 2020 (IEEFA) — A research brief published today by the Institute for…

10 08 2020 | 07:31

Democratic Bill Banning Toxic Pesticides Applauded as 'Much-Needed' Step to Protect Kids and Planet.

Democrats in the House and Senate on Tuesday introduced sweeping legislation that would ban some of the most toxic pesticides currently in use in the U.S.

10 08 2020 | 07:27

Project to transform understanding of effects of climate change on mental health.

A team of researchers, designers, policy experts and educators at two of Imperial’s Global Institutesare transforming our understanding of how the challenges affecting our planet also affect our…

10 08 2020 | 07:24

How Australia Plans to Recycle its Way to Recovery After COVID-19.

The Australian government has announced a A$190 million (US$130 million)investment in the nation's first Recycling Modernization Fund, with the aim of transforming the country's waste and recycling…

10 08 2020 | 07:16

What can you do to fight the climate crisis?

Individual acts alone won’t stop the climate crisis, but there are things we can do. We asked experts what they do in their daily lives to make a difference. As the climate crisis intensifies,…

10 08 2020 | 07:04

Deadly diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds.

Rats and bats that host pandemic pathogens like Covid-19 increase in damaged ecosystems, analysis shows. The human destruction of natural ecosystems increases the numbers of rats, bats and other…

10 08 2020 | 07:01

Nautical not nice: how fibreglass boats have become a global pollution problem.

Fibreglass fuelled a boating boom. But now dumped and ageing craft are breaking up, releasing toxins and microplastics across the world. Where do old boats go to die? The cynical answer is they are…

10 08 2020 | 06:57

Toxic Chemicals From Fossil Fuels Are Poisoning East Coast Dolphins and Whales, Study Finds.

A new study gives a first look at the presence and potential effects of plastics and new forms of synthetic chemicals in stranded dolphins and whales along the coast of the southeastern U.S.

10 08 2020 | 06:56

Throng of new penguin colonies in Antarctica spotted from space.

Satellite images reveal guano patches, boosting known emperor penguin colonies by 20%. Satellite images have revealed 11 previously unknown emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica, boosting the…

10 08 2020 | 06:50

Kenya: As wildebeest migrate, COVID-19 keeps tourists at bay.

In Kenya's Maasai Mara game reserve, livelihoods are suffering as coronavirus guts tourism. Maasai Mara, Kenya - You have to wake up at dawn to catch the sun rising while having breakfast in the…

10 08 2020 | 06:37

Wildfires Can Poison Drinking Water – Here’s How Communities Can Be Better Prepared.

In recent years wildfires have entered urban areas, causing breathtaking destruction.

06 08 2020 | 10:45

Sowing doubt: people around world receive mystery seed parcels.

Packages marked as ‘earrings’ spark biosecurity concerns and global investigations into origins. There is not much that Jan Goward does not grow in her small Eastbourne garden. “I grow everything,”…

06 08 2020 | 08:07

Flooding could occur daily in Sydney by the end of this century because of climate change.

Human-caused sea level rise likely caused eight out of 10 floods in the region between 1970 and 2015, a study finds. Flooding in localised areas around Sydney will happen almost every week by the…

06 08 2020 | 08:04

Physicists: 90% Chance of Human Society Collapsing Within Decades.

Deforestation coupled with the rampant destruction of natural resources will soon have devastating effects on the future of society as we know it, according to two theoretical physicists who study…

06 08 2020 | 07:52

'Worst-case' CO2 emissions scenario is best for assessing climate risk and impacts to 2050.

The RCP 8.5 CO2 emissions pathway, long considered a "worst case scenario" by the international science community, is the most appropriate for conducting assessments of climate change impacts by 2050…

06 08 2020 | 07:01

Nature-Based Solutions Can Help Rebuild Economies After COVID-19.

Government investment in coastal wetlands protection and restoration is pathway to green recovery The world is facing unprecedented challenges in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, with millions…

05 08 2020 | 08:19

Leadership on climate needed: CSIRO report.

Australia's national science agency has called for leadership on climate change, amid concerns the public -and the public service - do not fully understand the risks it posed. In a technical report…