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20 11 2019 | 05:34

‘Insect apocalypse’ poses risk to all life on Earth, conservationists warn.

Report claims 400,000 insect species face extinction amid heavy use of pesticides. The “unnoticed insect apocalypse” should set alarm bells ringing, according to conservationists, who said that…

20 11 2019 | 05:20

Air pollution nanoparticles linked to brain cancer for first time.

Exclusive: tiny particles produced by motor traffic can invade the brain and carry carcinogens. New research has linked air pollution nanoparticles to brain cancer for the first time. The ultra-…

16 11 2019 | 14:50

Warren’s New Plan Would Punish Exxon for Lying to Regulators.

Yesterday, presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren released a plan (!) calling for companies who have misled federal regulators to be prosecuted under a new corporate perjury law. She also…

13 11 2019 | 10:03

World Economic Forum: Climate change action needed to avoid societal 'collapse' says minister.

Costa Rica is on track to be the first country in the world to achieve carbon neutrality, the country's environment minister has said. The Central American nation of 4.9 million people has a hugely…

13 11 2019 | 09:53

Renewable energy and sustainable groundwater.

New research show that solar and wind power are directly linked to the sustainable management of groundwater availability. Researchers at the International Institute for Applies Systems Analysis,…

13 11 2019 | 09:27

Climate change: Bigger hurricanes are now more damaging.

The biggest and most damaging hurricanes are now three times more frequent than they were 100 years ago, say researchers. Using a new method of calculating the destruction, the scientists say the…

13 11 2019 | 09:15

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging.

Supermarkets in Vietnam have adopted an initiative from Thailand that makes use of banana leaves instead of plastic as a packaging alternative.

12 11 2019 | 04:59

Out of control: bushfires blaze across Australia's east coast – in pictures.

At least 100 homes have been destroyed in the bushfires, with two people dead and five unaccounted for. More than 35 people were injured, including 16 firefighters, and more than 80 fires were still…

09 11 2019 | 08:47

Kenya Pollution: President Kenyatta vows plastic ban by 2020.

Nairobi is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and the landfill is expanding faster than the city itself Two years ago, Kenya banned plastic carrier bags. But with pollution getting…

08 11 2019 | 09:24

Schuh launches new ‘take back’ recycling initiative.

Schuh has launched a new footwear recycling initiative to tackle fast fashion. The shoe company has launched a new ‘Sell your Sole’ scheme where customers can hand in a pair of unwanted shoes to any…

08 11 2019 | 08:59

Lavazza launches new 100% Compostable Eco Caps.

Lavazza has become the largest coffee manufacturer to launch its own range of compostable one-cup pods. The Italian espresso giant is aiming to replace its entire range of at-home capsules with…

08 11 2019 | 06:29

Despairing about the Climate Crisis? Read This.

A conversation with scientist Susanne Moser about climate communication, the benefits of functional denial, and the varied flavors of hope.

08 11 2019 | 06:03

New round in climate court case begins to appeal Norway oil drilling in Arctic.

A new round in the climate court case to stop the Norwegian Government drilling oil in the Arctic Ocean begins on Tuesday 5th November. On Tuesday, the next round will start in the climate court…

07 11 2019 | 07:34

Scientists now have evidence the evolutionary birthplace of human kind was in northern Botswana.

Where was the evolutionary birthplace of modern humans? The East African Great Rift Valley has long been the favored contender – until today. Our new research has used DNA to trace humanity’s…

06 11 2019 | 17:01

More than 11,000 scientists from around the world have declared a "climate emergency".

More than 11,000 scientists from around the world have declared a "climate emergency" — and they say the Earth needs fewer people to beat the crisis. The stark warning in the journal BioScience was…

03 11 2019 | 08:05

Land spat threatens Kenya's wildlife conservation in Maasai Mara.

Kenya's successful conservation model - which has protected wildlife for decades - may be on the verge of crumbling. Nairobi, Kenya - The giraffes peeked out from above the trees, perhaps curious to…

03 11 2019 | 07:35

IETA Statement on U.S. Department of Justice Civil Suit against State of California.

SAN FRANCISCO, 24 OCTOBER - The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) today issued the following statement in response to the civil lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice against…

31 10 2019 | 07:12

Court blocks expansion of Romania's biggest coal mine.

A Romanian court has blocked the expansion of the country's biggest coal mine. NGO Bankwatch Romania, who challenged the Complexul Energetic Oltenia (CEO) energy company in the courts, welcomed the…

30 10 2019 | 07:36

'There are no excuses left': why climate science deniers are running out of rope.

Guardian environment correspondent Fiona Harvey recalls being heckled at the House of Commons and explains how attitudes to climate have shifted in 10 years The shouted words rang out across the…

29 10 2019 | 13:56

World Bank opens writing contest for Sub-Saharan African youths on child marriage.

The World Bank has announced the launch of this year’s Blog4Dev competition, an annual writing contest that engages the Sub-Saharan African Youth to share their viewson critical issues that affect…