Greta Thunberg

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29 03 2020 | 14:43

Greta Thunberg Says It’s ‘Extremely Likely’ That She Had Coronavirus.

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, announced on Tuesday that she and her father, Svante, had symptoms of Covid-19 and that while hers were mild, it was “extremely likely” that…

16 03 2020 | 20:34

Shell Has a Plan to Profit From Climate Change.

Shell Is Looking Forward The fossil-fuel companies expect to profit from climate change. I went to a private planning meeting and took notes.

12 03 2020 | 07:25

Climate strikers: Open letter to EU leaders on why their new climate law is ‘surrender’.

This is an open letter to EU leaders at the European Commission, European Parliament and member states from 34 youth climate activists, including Greta Thunberg. The European Commission will release…

05 03 2020 | 13:52

EU debuts climate law ‘compass’, Greta dismisses it as ‘surrender’.

The European Commission officially unveiled its Climate Law on Wednesday (4 March), aimed at making the EU carbon neutral by 2050. But Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg criticised the plan as a…

05 03 2020 | 06:37

'It's harder here': African climate strikers lack support, says Kenyan teen.

'It's not like in the West where there is a lot more understanding of climate change and therefore more support from family, school and the media for youth activists. It's much harder here.' NAIROBI…

27 02 2020 | 06:41

'Greta effect' boosting demand for climate change careers, RSC claims.

Survey comes alongside separate research showing surge in support for UK's net zero target Greta Thunberg may not be a scientist herself, but her passionate calls for world leaders to "listen to the…

12 02 2020 | 06:12

Airlines want you to think they’re serious about the climate crisis. They’re not.

An offer to plant trees to offset carbon emissions isn’t a solution – it’s a licence to continue with business as usual

07 02 2020 | 08:28

Post Davos: The Elite’s New Climate Narrative Has Dangerous Flaw.

We’re living in a real life experiment of ‘wealth gone wild’ and it’s destroying our planet. As the Davos conference came to an end, the jet flying plutocrats seemed to unite around a new climate…

07 02 2020 | 08:21

The eco gender gap: why is saving the planet seen as women’s work?

It was not long ago that, if you wanted to reduce the impact of your consumer choices on the environment, your only option was to use your own shopping bag. These days, the eco-minded shopper is…

06 02 2020 | 07:58

Greta Thunberg on Averting a Climate Apocalypse | DAVOS 2020.

Global emissions of carbon dioxide remain on course to rise above 1.5°C despite clear and present risks. How can business and government work together to accelerate the fast and far-reaching changes…

03 02 2020 | 07:38

Young African Climate Activists seek Africa climate change action.

Teen activist Greta Thunberg has hosted a press conference to stress the importance of how climate change is affecting people in Africa. One of those taking part was Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan at the…

31 01 2020 | 09:06

Anger as Ugandan activist cropped out of photo with white peers.

Climate advocate Vanessa Nakate calls out racism after she is removed from image taken with her white peers in Davos Social media users have come out in support of Ugandan climate advocate Vanessa…

22 01 2020 | 09:43

Davos: Trump decries climate 'prophets of doom' with Thunberg in audience.

US President Donald Trump has decried climate "prophets of doom" in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where sustainability is the main theme. He called for a rejection of "predictions…

22 01 2020 | 09:13

Africa's Climate Heroes in Davos.

This year’s Annual Meeting featured a wider array of climate heroes than ever before.  Helping bring about systemic change to return our planet to a sustainable path. There was an unprecedented…

22 01 2020 | 08:47

Greta Thunberg, not Donald Trump, is the true leader of the free world.

Greta Thunberg is the sixteen year old Swedish girl who a year ago began a lone school strike for climate action, spending every Friday striking from school as a form of protest. Owing to her…

21 01 2020 | 07:21

At Davos we will tell world leaders to abandon the fossil fuel economy.

Averting catastrophe would be the best business decision to emerge from the economic forum in its 50 years of existence.

11 01 2020 | 09:14

The Lost Decade: How We Awoke To Climate Change Only To Squander Every Chance To Act.

This decade was likely the hottest on record. As it comes to a close and another begins, one glaring question is: Can the world make up for this lost time?

27 12 2019 | 11:51

'If the climate stays like this, we won't make it' say those on the frontline of Africa's drought.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (CNN)Torrents of water once thundered over the precipice at Victoria Falls, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, shrouding the area in mist.

04 12 2019 | 08:56

COP25: youth ‘leadership’ contrasts with government inaction, says UN chief.

António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, contrasted the “leadership” and “mobilisation” shown by the world’s youth on the climate emergency with the lack of action by governments,…

28 11 2019 | 07:42

2019, the year the world woke up to climate change.

Until recently, for most people, climate change was firmly in the realm of the hypothetical.