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17 08 2022 | 17:06

Nigerian businesses turn to solar as diesel costs bite

LAGOS, (Reuters) - Nigeria's solar companies are seeing a surge in demand for mini-grids and equipment as businesses in Africa's biggest oil producer look for alternative power sources after the cost…

17 08 2022 | 16:55

Nigerian minigrids improve power reliability and utility revenues for communities “under” the grid

The town of Toto in the central Nigerian state of Nasarawa, near the national capital of Abuja, is wired for electricity. Though poles and wires dot the landscape, people live without power.

19 07 2022 | 12:25

AFRICA: BGFA finances the electrification of 580,000 households via solar energy

The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) has signed financing agreements with several companies to electrify at least 580,000 households and small businesses. This new round of financing benefits…

26 06 2022 | 08:50

NIGERIA: Husk launches ‘Sunshot’ to provide solar to 2 million people

Electricity access provider Husk Power is launching a new electrification initiative in Nigeria. Called 'Sunshot', the programme is expected to reach 2 million people over the next four years. Husk…

23 06 2022 | 18:50

AFRICA: CrossBoundary mobilises $25m for solar mini-grid financing

The CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA) financing mechanism has announced the mobilisation of $25 million for the deployment of solar-powered mini-grids in sub-Saharan Africa. The funds are being…

14 06 2022 | 09:25

Minigrid and solar PV net metering project to benefit citizens of Ghana

The government of Ghana has signed a grant agreement with the African Development Fund and the government of Switzerland to support the development of minigrids and solar PV net metering The Ghana…

21 09 2019 | 12:07

Greater wildfire risks prompt growth of electrical ‘microgrids’ to rely less on PG&E.

In his standard blue jeans and unbuttoned flannel shirt, David Liebman could blend in with many of the young students walking to and from classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. But Liebman, manager…

26 08 2019 | 07:26

Are Microgrids the Way of the Future?

It is fact, not opinion, that our planet is warming and that industries are partly to blame. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identifies human activities as the greatest contributor of…

25 06 2019 | 14:59

Firms reach renewable energy deal to provide mini-grid power solutions to Nigeria.

Schneider Electric signs Renewable energy MOU with EM-ONE Energy Solutions.  In a bid to create an African mini-grid industry involving decentralized electricity generation and distribution networks…

28 05 2019 | 09:10

How do we harness different renewable energy sources?

Experts agree that microgrids are the future of renewable energy, and technology companies are ramping up their efforts to perfect these innovative systems.

18 04 2019 | 14:27

Clean, reliable power for Africa: The potential for mini-grids .

Two thirds of rural African households lack access to electricity. Mini-grids – electricity grids which are separate from the main energy grid – can offer a way to reach unconnected areas. When they…

10 04 2019 | 12:57

How Blockchain Can Prepare The Aging US Power Grid For Clean Energy Technologies.

Since the late 1800s, power grids have been connecting electricity providers to citizens in cities all over the US. For several decades, these grids were rightly considered an engineering feat of the…

05 04 2019 | 08:29

Nigeria to construct its largest rural solar mini grid.

Nigeria is set to construct its largest rural mini grid aimed at electrifying more than 634 households, seven schools, three hospitals, eight religious organizations, and more than 90 businesses in…

29 03 2019 | 07:52

Time to clean up: Fossil Generation Continued to Dominate the Growing US Microgrid Market in 2018.

Solar-plus-storage still has a long way to go in catching fossil-fuel-based generation in the U.S. microgrid market, according to a new Wood Mackenzie report. The microgrid market is larger than…

24 03 2019 | 07:54

Ethiopia to launch the 2nd National Electrification Program

The co-located ‘Africa Energy Forum: Off the Grid’ and ‘Regional Energy Co-operation Summit’ meetings taking place in Addis Ababa from 27 – 29th March welcome the launch of the updated version of…

06 02 2019 | 13:15

Literal Power to the People

For me, working to stop threats to endangered species and our communities is about more than fighting destructive fossil fuel extraction, pollution and over-consumption — I also want to support a …

11 01 2019 | 11:55

ABB microgrid to support Portuguese island’s energy transition

Microgrid and energy storage technology to enable the island of Porto Santo to achieve clean-energy goals. ABB is supplying an ABB Ability™ enabled microgrid and energy storage system to Empresa de…