Paris agreement

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23 02 2020 | 11:43

Why the world’s third-largest economy is still betting on coal.

Japan is pushing ahead with a fuel source that’s exacerbating climate change. Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, is leaning into coal power, a striking move at a time when the climate crisis…

20 02 2020 | 07:12

Half the world's economy now eyeing net zero transition, analysis shows.

Almost $39tr of the world's GDP is now aligned, or proposing to align, with net zero emissions targets, according to ECIU Almost half of the world's GDP is now generated in places where authorities…

04 02 2020 | 08:54

87 Major Companies Lead the Way Towards a 1.5°C Future at UN Climate Action Summit.

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK,— 87 major companies — with a combined market capitalization of over US$2.3 trillion and annual direct emissions equivalent to 73 coal-fired power plants — are taking action…

31 01 2020 | 12:45

Dates Shifted for Africa Climate Week in Kampala: 20 to 24 April 2020.

Bonn/Kampala,  - In consultation with the secretariat of UN Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Republic of Uganda has decided to move the dates of the upcoming Africa Climate Week to 20 to 24 April 2020.…

21 01 2020 | 07:53

Billions to be wasted on ‘unnecessary’ gas projects, study says.

Europe does not need new gas infrastructure to safeguard security of supply, according to a new study by industry consultants Artelys, which warns that there is a risk of €29 billion being wasted on…

09 01 2020 | 08:47

UN climate talks: Australia accused of 'cheating' and thwarting global deal.

Morrison government criticised for planning to use accounting loophole to meet emissions target. Disagreement over Australia’s plan to use an accounting loophole to meet its climate target will…

17 12 2019 | 07:47

Over 500 B Corps commit to being net zero by 2030.

Over 500 B Corps have committed to being net zero by 2030, 20 years ahead of Paris Agreement. During COP25, over 500 companies have publicly committed to accelerate the reduction of their greenhouse…

10 12 2019 | 05:30

IETA Launches “Markets for NCS Initiative” to Boost Climate Action.

The International Emissions Trading Association today launches the Markets for Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) Initiative. NCS draw on the power of nature to actively manage land use emissions,…

05 12 2019 | 07:21

Climate: We have run out of time.

Climate action must happen now — there are no second chances For the next week or so, delegates from nations around the world will gather in Madrid for a critical set of meetings on our planet’s…

05 12 2019 | 07:07

Climate change: COP25 island nation in 'fight to death'.

The president of an island nation on the frontline of climate change says it is in a "fight to the death" after freak waves inundated the capital. Powerful swells averaging 5m (16ft) washed across…

04 12 2019 | 08:57

COP25 Kicks Off with Calls to Make Serious Progress on Climate Action.

UN Climate Change News, 2 December 2019  - The UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid (to 13 December) kicked off today, with urgent calls to make serious progress on climate action over the…

04 12 2019 | 08:56

COP25: youth ‘leadership’ contrasts with government inaction, says UN chief.

António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, contrasted the “leadership” and “mobilisation” shown by the world’s youth on the climate emergency with the lack of action by governments,…

04 12 2019 | 08:37

COP25: Madrid Climate Change Conference.

The Madrid Climate Change Conference - COP 25 - will bring the world together to consider ways to strengthen the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Taking place from 2 to 13 December in Madrid,…

02 12 2019 | 10:00

Cut Global Emissions by 7.6 Percent Every Year for Next Decade to Meet 1.5°C Paris Target - UN Report.

Geneva– On the eve of a year in which nations are due to strengthen their Paris climate pledges, a new UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report warns that unless global greenhouse gas emissions fall by…

30 11 2019 | 10:23

UN: Fighting destructive global warming requires ramp-up in renewables ambition.

A UN report has urged global leaders to stage a dramatic scale-up of renewables deployment, the latest in a series of such warnings issued by world authorities ahead of next week’s climate talks.…

30 11 2019 | 10:20

Glasgow commits to being free of ‘unnecessary’ plastics by 2030.

Glasgow has announced that they aim to be plastic free by 2030. A new strategy by the Glasgow council has targeted the city to be free of unnecessary plastic by the year 2030 and phase out all…

28 11 2019 | 07:42

2019, the year the world woke up to climate change.

Until recently, for most people, climate change was firmly in the realm of the hypothetical.

26 11 2019 | 05:32

Global use of coal-fired electricity set for biggest fall this year.

The world’s use of coal-fired electricity is on track for its biggest annual fall on record this year after more than four decades of near-uninterrupted growth that has stoked the global climate…

10 11 2019 | 17:27

IETA’s Priorities for COP25 - Operationalising Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

LONDON -  Nations will meet next month in Madrid for two weeks of negotiations over completing the rules to operationalise the Paris Agreement.   

10 11 2019 | 05:23

Climate crisis: business leaders say cost to taxpayers will spiral unless new policies introduced.

Organisations such as Australian Industry Group and National Farmers’ Federation letter says greater private-sector action needed. Industry, farming and investor groups say the federal government…