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28 09 2020 | 09:11

New Zealand’s parliament goes solar, schools to phase out coal boilers.

New Zealand’s parliament building – known as the Beehive – is set to enjoy the benefits of solar power, as well as an improvement in energy efficiency measures, as part of a NZ$2.4 million (A$2.23…

27 09 2020 | 08:45

“Yes we can”: Energy experts plot path to fossil-free grid.

Engaging with climate and energy policy in Australia can be bad for your neck. Either your head is in your hands as the latest political idiocy unfolds, or you suffer whiplash as you encounter smart…

27 09 2020 | 08:42

China’s national oil company brings first offshore wind project into operation.

China’s offshore oil and gas major CNOOC Ltd announced on Tuesday that its first offshore wind power project has connected to the grid and begun to generate power The wind power project, located in…

27 09 2020 | 08:35

Greece sets new records for renewable energy electricity generation.

On September 14th, according to WindEurope, wind power covered 40% of Greece’s energy use, the highest percentage covered by wind power in Europe. According to national data released on the same day…

27 09 2020 | 08:32

India to be largest source of energy demand growth: BP Energy Outlook.

Demand for oil is "broadly flat" even in the most bullish scenario as the energy transition shifts the world away from fossil fuels.

27 09 2020 | 08:32

How Sweden Is Transforming Homes Into Power Stations.

By 2030, almost a third of all the energy consumed in the European Union must come from renewable sources, according to binding targets agreed in 2018. Sweden is helping lead the way.

27 09 2020 | 08:05

Renewables at Heart of Reaching Zero Emissions in Industry and Transport.

Only seven industry and transport sectors will account for 38% of all CO2 emissions globally in 2050 unless there are significant changes in current approaches.

27 09 2020 | 08:01

Is This The Cleanest Energy On Earth?

The green energy revolution is well and truly underway. Renewables have proven to be highly resilient, emerging as the only energy sector to record any kind of growth at a time when fossil fuels are…

27 09 2020 | 07:41

Why Solar Geoengineering Should Be Part of the Climate Crisis Solution.

For decades, climate scientist David Keith of Harvard University has been trying to get people to take his research seriously. He's a pioneer in the field of geoengineering, which aims to combat…

23 09 2020 | 10:30

NextEra planning massive 500MW solar, 500MW storage project in Kansas.

NextEra Energy Resources LLC has plans to install up to 500 MW of solar generation and up to 500 MW of battery storage in a county just southwest of Kansas City, Kan., according to a project overview…

22 09 2020 | 11:59

World’s most powerful turbine to anchor largest offshore wind farm.

Plans to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm using the world’s most powerful turbines have been taken up a notch after GE announced its newly upgraded 13MW Haliade-X units would be used for…

21 09 2020 | 10:11

Greener BP must do more than talk tough on the climate crisis.

A company steeped in oil and gas production may not find it easy to convince investors of its environmental credentials.

19 09 2020 | 11:00

Europe’s installed floating offshore wind capacity could hit 7GW by 2030, trade group says.

WindEurope chief executive Giles Dickson says floating offshore wind has “huge growth potential, is no longer a niche technology,” and commercial-scale projects are ready to be built.

19 09 2020 | 10:41

Wood Mackenzie sees $1 trillion renewable energy investment opportunity in Asia to 2030.

Wind and solar PV could attract more investment than any other power generation source in the Asia Pacific region in the next decade as the two technologies become cost-competitive with coal by 2030…

19 09 2020 | 10:32

Ingka Group invests 600m euros to accelerate IKEA’s sustainability goals.

Ingka Group will accelerate its investments to ensure IKEA reaches its overall commitment to become climate positive by 2030. Ingka Group will accelerate its investments to ensure IKEA reaches its…

19 09 2020 | 10:13

New Zealand’s Ardern Pledges 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 if Her Labour Party Wins Next Month’s Election.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has promised to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 if her party wins re-election in October.

19 09 2020 | 10:11

Egypt in talks to export excess renewable energy to Europe, African neighbors.

Egypt has begun talks over plans to sell electricity to Europe and Africa, pressing its advantage as a producer of cheap renewable energy in a bid to become a regional export hub, the head of its…

19 09 2020 | 10:08

China Seeks to Dent Coal Addiction With Mega Power Complexes.

Imagine a power plant built next to a coal mine but also operating wind turbines and solar panels. The facility hosts batteries to store electricity when supply is in excess. The main source of power…

19 09 2020 | 09:52

'Renewable revolution': Queensland to put $500m into clean energy fund.

State government says money will hasten new renewable projects as it announces additional $1bn economic stimulus package. The Queensland government has announced a $500m renewable energy fund – to…