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14 06 2021 | 08:34

‘Never, ever give up’, Mckibben says, as TC energy cancels keystone XL

It took nearly five months, after U.S. President Joe Biden dealt a death blow to the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office. But Calgary-based pipeliner TC Energy finally, formally cancelled…

05 06 2021 | 12:33

Palaeontologists hope Biden will restore protections on fossil-rich US lands

Trump’s shrinking of Utah’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase–Escalante reserves may be reversed — ensuring archaeological and fossil treasures are preserved for study.

02 06 2021 | 10:52

EPA suggests FERC consider gas pipelines as potential stranded assets.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staked out a new position on federal reviews of interstate natural gas pipelines, advising the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to weigh the potential for…

02 06 2021 | 10:13

Illinois, Exelon hit impasse over subsidies to prevent nuke closures.

With two more days until the scheduled adjournment of the General Assembly’s spring legislative session, negotiations on a high-stakes deal to steer Illinois away from carbon-causing energy sources…

01 06 2021 | 16:39

Biden Backs Massive Alaska Drilling Project Approved Under Trump

The Biden administration is facing backlash from climate activists and scientists after filing a court brief Wednesday in defense of a major Trump-era Alaska drilling project that's expected to…

30 05 2021 | 17:52

A Leaking Oil Refinery on St. Croix Gives Biden His First Environmental Justice Test

A controversial oil refinery on St. Croix, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is in the government's crosshairs after a third incident in just three months has sickened people.

30 05 2021 | 17:30

Bill seeks to make Louisiana ‘fossil fuel sanctuary’ in bid against Biden’s climate plans

Republicans and Democrats are introducing bills to push against Biden’s new restrictions on oil and gas companies

30 05 2021 | 17:24

A renewable energy ‘breakthrough’.

The Biden administration has opened up California’s coast to wind farms. We’re also covering severe drought in the American West and disaster readiness as we head into hurricane and wildfire season…

30 05 2021 | 16:50

Biden Orders Gov. Agencies to Address Financial Climate Change Risks

President Biden on Thursday 

26 05 2021 | 08:54

Biden-Harris Administration Approves First Major Offshore Wind Project in U.S. Waters

Major milestone will propel America’s drive toward a clean energy future. WASHINGTON — Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo today announced approval of the…

21 05 2021 | 10:38

Biden’s plan in U.S. likely to encourage Middle East to be net renewables exporter

ABU DHABI, 20th May, 2021 (WAM) -- The Biden Administration’s ambitious plans to scale up renewable energy in the U.S. will have a wider impact on the energy landscape in the Middle East, especially…

18 05 2021 | 16:37

Batteries threaten to become major threat to natural gas.

Vistra Corp. owns 36 natural-gas power plants, one of America’s largest fleets. It doesn’t plan to buy or build any more. Instead, Vistra intends to invest more than $1 billion in solar farms and…

18 05 2021 | 06:55

U.S. has entered unprecedented climate territory, EPA warns.

The Trump administration delayed the report, which cites urban heat waves and permafrost loss as signs of global warming, for three years For years, President Donald Trump and his deputies played…

15 05 2021 | 12:20

Biden reverses last-minute Trump effort to loosen Arctic drilling restrictions.

Joe Biden’s administration has reversed a last-minute push by Donald Trump to overturn drilling restrictions for the oil industry in the Arctic Ocean.

14 05 2021 | 09:48

As the Climate Warms, Could the U.S. Face Another Dust Bowl?

Improved agricultural practices and widespread irrigation may stave off another agricultural calamity in the Great Plains. But scientists are now warning that two inescapable realities — rising…

13 05 2021 | 07:06

‘Decades ahead of his time’: history catches up with visionary Jimmy Carter

A new film rejects the popular narrative and recasts the former president, 96, as hugely prescient thinker, particularly on climate change When I reach Jimmy Carter’s grandson by Zoom, he answers…

04 05 2021 | 10:51

The US electric power sector is halfway to zero carbon emissions.

Renewable energy’s rapid growth is accelerating a national shift to a carbon-free electric power system.

04 05 2021 | 10:38

Competition heats up in the melting Arctic, and the US isn’t prepared to counter Russia.

For decades, the frozen Arctic was little more than a footnote in global economic competition, but that’s changing as its ice melts with the warming climate.

03 05 2021 | 08:09

Biden vows US will work with Russia on climate.

Countries with poor track records on climate change, including Brazil and Saudi Arabia, were also courted at virtual summit. The US will work with Russia on ways to combat the climate crisis,…

03 05 2021 | 07:47

Global reset on climate action leaves Scott Morrison looking like yesterday’s man

At Joe Biden’s virtual summit, achieving net zero by 2050 was considered a given, not something you might do, possibly, if Matt Canavan lets you. While Australians slept on Thursday night, an…